Understanding the “Man Box”

I heard recently that Jay-Z is going to stop using the B word now that he has a daughter.  Good for him.

But I wonder, why did it take him so long to consider his words?  I mean he has a following of young men who look up to him (regardless if he wants them to or not) for a long time.  Also, I’m sure they copy his style and philosophies.

It wasn’t until the birth of his daughter that now he considers his use of the word offensive?  This brings me to think about a video that I found.

The person in the video is Tony Porter, and he talks about….well being a “man” and fitting into the man box.

When I watched this, I thought, wow, I’ve heard this said before to people who I know (family and non-family).  Some things he brings up, I’ve heard fathers say to their sons all the time.  I won’t say if what he says is right or wrong, but it did get me thinking.

There are some examples that he used that are a bit extreme, but it’s from his life, so I’m not going to judge–just a heads up.

So watch the video and let me know what you think.  Do you think he’s correct with one of the root’s to why women are  being disrespected?  Are boys taught to be in the man box from an early age? Or is it all lip service to a room a women.

You let me know.

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  • Kita

    Interesting. We do our son like that too. He cries a lot and my hubs is the nice one he let’s him cry but me on the other hand I don’t like all that crying. I think this is a great video and it has me thinking about things.

  • Latorsha

    I thought that was weird with J too…waiting til now to stop using the word. I confess we are tough with our son and guilty of things in the video. My husband was raised old school ways and I think we kind of adapted to some of those things since he turned out okay. Lol
    However the video was enlightening and gave me somethings to think about. From 7:30 on particularly had me in awe!! So glad he spoke openly about this. Thanks for sharing!

  • Cam

    I just had this conversation with my husband last night when he told my son that boys and men don’t cry. I’m sending him this video! The whole men don’t cry thing is bogus. Women live longer than men because we release!!! We cry! I’m not saying go around weeping at the drop of a hat but you HAVE to release emotions. It’s cleansing. All that pent up stress and not knowing how to release your emotions is not healthy physically or emotionally.

    As far as Jay-Z, I hope it’s true. The thing is before he had a daughter, he had a wife. Before he had a wife, he had a mother and so on. At the end of the day, it’s never too late to wake up.

  • Roses Daughter

    While I’m glad that Jay-Z decided to change his ways….it was loooong overdue. And he had a wife before????
    Very interesting. I have noticed that my husband has less tolerance of Pookah’s tears than I do. I’m going to share this with him and see what he says!

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