28 Weeks and Nesting Like Crazy!

Posted by on August 13, 2012 in Motherhood | 12 comments

Time is speeding by–like really speeding by. I am now two-thirds into my pregnancy and getting ready for everything to happen.

What does that mean for my family? (Poor family…pray for them) It means I’m nesting. Yay! (Well yay for me)

Actually, any excuse that I can have to shake down the house I will. Mr C has been feeling the brunt of my changes though (since I’m not supposed to climb, lift, or look longingly at the top of my bookshelf–to dust).

  • So far Mr C has taken down and cleaned the venetian blinds. Why? Because I took one look at them and knew they needed to be dust free.
  • We reorganized the bookshelf in the living room. Instead of having it standing up, it’s now on its side and we just need to install “L brackets” to keep the shelves in place. Now, I know we could have just purchased a bookshelf that does what we want, but who has money to waste like that? The bookshelf was supposed to be hers so now we are making it easy for her to access. (That and she has too many books for the bottom 3 shelves.)
  • Reorganizing the kitchen. I want to make as much room as possible by getting things off my counters.  Which means installing additional  shelves in our kitchen. We don’t have a real pantry, but we are working on making more room with what we got.
  • Making the bathroom sparkle. I don’t know what’s up with me and the bathroom but each pregnancy I end up doing a deep cleaning of the bathroom–even if it was already clean. Eh, but you know what I say, a bathroom can’t be too clean.

And to be honest, my list can go on and on. For Mr. C’s sake I hope that the nesting period calms down a bit, but who knows the future right? I’m getting such a high out of cleaning that I just want to do more (even though I’m told to sit down and let him do it).

Yup, he’s going the extra mile during these trying times *sips my very vanilla soy milk with my feet up while watching Mr. C work*

So in the next couple days if you read posts is a about cleaning, shopping, or saving money. It’s just that time of the year for me.

Seriously, what is the craziest things you’ve done while you were nesting?


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  1. Time is moving fast get all the nesting done now while you can so you can spend more time with the family.
    Kita recently posted…Convo with the hubsMy Profile

    • I’m hoping it will be done soon, Lord knows I can keep going and get everyone tired with me.

  2. Nesting, man. I was pretty terrible. I just wanted to clean everything all the time. The craziest thing that I have done though—when I was pregnant with the toddler we had just moved into a new apt, and the oven was gross. I went to the store and bought every over cleaner known to man and went IN. I had a mask and I cleaned and cleaned until my arms were sore. I cleaned that sucker for 6 hours. Considering I was due the next day….it was really crazy LOL. The bathroom was another thing for me, its just could not be clean enough! Oh yes and door handles…oh wow I could go on for days! hahaha
    Nellie recently posted…HealthMinder Day – A Health and Fitness Pre-ConferenceMy Profile

    • Hahaha, yup that sounds like me with my first as well–the oven and stove had to be C.L.E.A.N. You were brave for going in that oven though, something I would do in heartbeat.

  3. The things we find necessary to clean while necessary…LOL
    Time is flying by and the little prince will be here before we know it! Yay :)
    So excited for you and your family!!!
    Michelle recently posted…Anniversary ReflectionsMy Profile

  4. I think I’m still nestings! :) The other day I decided I would clean out the kids rooms before school starts. But then I watched Toy Story 3 and cried my eyes out and decided I just couldn’t bring myself to get rid of any toys. Maybe you should try that. :)

    • OMG Toy Story 3 is a movie I have to stay away from. I prescreened that one while my daughter was sleeping, and I swear it was the saddest thing I’ve seen. Mr. C came out and wondered who died, I had to tell him Woody almost became tinder. Should have seen the look he gave me.

  5. I never nested. I think because my mother was here…..

    • You are so lucky. I wish my mom was here so that she can take my mind off of my madness.

  6. My nesting with the last one was crazy. I feel so sorry for my husband now in hindsight. I made him paint, we had to get the kitchen redone, we got new carpet. It was bananas. When I have another one we will be in our new house so hopefully I won’t go as crazy. Who knows, we’ll see!
    Mimi recently posted…Where I Partied While at BlogHer- Lands End’ University EditionMy Profile

    • It’s funny what we make our other halves do when we feel it’s necessary. They should get a special props for putting up with our maternal nesting habits. Because deep down I know they must be saying that we’re crazy, but they’ll go along with the flow because it doesn’t cause arguments :-P

  7. You’re almost there! I remember with my first, I put a whole wardrobe from IKEA together by myself. I was so pressed. I was like 35 weeks and so impatient. I just couldn’t wait for anyone else to do it. I’m glad you’re at least putting your feet up and putting the hubby to work :)

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