Sunday: Living by Faith

Starting today, I think I am going to start a new tradition here at my blog.  I think when the mood strikes me, I will leave an image with a scripture passage, and a prayer.  Sometimes it will be both, and other times it will be one or the other.

I’ve been inspired by so many things this week that my mind is going in overdrive.  It brought my thoughts to a bee that I saw gathering pollen from a flower in late Summer.

I don’t really understand how everything works, but I know that it just does, and I’m thankful that God is at the steering wheel.


Dear Lord,

Thank you for being our guiding light.  Thank you for directing us on the right path, even if we are unsure where we are going.

Everything You do, you do for a reason, and for that Lord we thank you.  We don’t have to understand why You work in Your way, we just need to have faith that you Will work in your way.

Thank you for always coming through for us.


Matthew 21:22 ESV

And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.”

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Janis Cox

Beautiful. I love capturing closeups. And this is lovely. I am following you from The Sunday Community. I am thankful too that God leads and guides us. Great to meet you.
I would like you to consider linking your post to Sunday Stillness which is now open.

Joanne Viola

Beautiful pairing of photo, prayer & verse. How very true that “we do not have to understand His way”. May we just be faithful to follow Him. I visited from The Sunday Community & am so glad that I did!
Have a blessed Sunday,


During times when I can’t really see through what He is doing to where He is going I love to cling to the verse in the Psalms where we are told ‘He is good and He does good’ and rest in it.
Lovely image!


Beautiful picture and image, Kalley. I’m reminded of the Psalm about the Lord lighting our path. Lamplight extends only so far, and sometimes God allows us to see only the next step in front of us. We continued to take each step by faith. Have a blessed week!

Joanne Norton

Yes. I can always thank Him for coming through for us … for ME!!! Need Him desperately day after day… not b/c of my issues, but the ones I’m helping, caring for. So, I turn to HIM! Thanks.

Alison Hector

Kalley, I love the idea of combining Scripture and a prayer with an image. Genius! I agree that we will never fully understand God’s workings, but we can extend our faith to Him to keep it all under control and in perfect harmony.


I absolutely love this new feature. thanks for the word. sometimes we all need that reminder. i look forward to the next one.


Enjoyed the message and love the idea. Never thought of that. Always planned to do Scriptures but stayed with word of wisdom. Can’t wait to see upcoming changes. Pray all is well! God Bless

Yum Yucky

That’s a beautiful pic.
Your prayers put my spirit at peace during a hectic work day. Always. 🙂


Great capture and message.