When I took a walk near the beach, I was mesmerized by the waves hitting the rocks under the pier.

I don’t usually head that way–the pier that is, but this time I did.   I stood there, unable to pull myself away from the sounds of the breaking water against the rocks.  In that sound I found a moment of peace.  It was in that moment that this passage came to mind:

And God said, “Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place, and let dry ground appear.” And it was so. — Genesis 1:9 NIV


Every day I am amazed by this wonderful world around us.  I am in awe at how all of this was created in seven days–knowing that us humans take a much longer time to get things done.  Just by uttering the words, or just by having the thought, God was able to create all this, and so much more than what our minds and eyes can see.  Even to this day, we are still finding things that God has created that we didn’t know existed.

I am so very thankful that only He has this ability, since everything he made is good.


Dear Lord,

Let us soak up this world that you have created for us.  Remind us Lord, that while we take our surroundings for granted, it was for us You have created all of this.

As every day passes, let us remember that just by uttering the words, You can create a world beyond our imagination.

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to experience this lifetime.  The opportunity to witness birds, songs, and the touch of the water against our skin, and the breeze against our backs.

We know that life is precious, and everyday is a gift, and everyday we must rejoice.


Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday!