Winter Snow SilenceWhiteFlower

In case you missed my picture on Instagram, I took this on the way to the store and Zee could not contain her excitement.

Yesterday, I took Zee with me for a walk to the store, and she just was just enthralled by everything covered in snow.  

I love watching her experience the different seasons, and I think Fall and Winter takes the cake!  We have a few more days until it is officially Winter, but I know one little girl who is embracing it with open arms!

While we walked, I watched Zee open and close her mouth as she tasted the snow and I thought:

“Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” — Psalm 46:10

For us adults, the snow can seem like a total bummer–we have to shovel, drive in the mess, and bundle everyone up just to walk to the store!

But for a child, snow is a play land.  It’s God’s work in action and a wonderful testament of all his works.

These things we can miss so easily when we are busy trying to get everything done. I love slowing down and looking at things through a child’s eyes.

In the silence of the snow falling I can be still. My world can be still and I can truly soak in the power of our Lord.

When it it snows or when it rains, it’s like the earth is singing God praise. Let’s not even mention when Springs comes around!

I’ve read that it’s going to be a very cold winter, so I’m stocking up on hot chocolate and tea, and going to take each day in strides.

Every season has something to offer, so before I start wishing for warmer weather–which I’m sure it will happen soon–I’m planning on enjoying every moment of this weather!


Dear Lord,

Today, the third week of Advent begins.  We know that we are now the halfway point until Christmas, and while we look forward for all the tomorrows to come, let us not forget about the todays that we must, and should live for.

Remind us that everyday counts.