Life Through My Lens Thursday — Week 1

Remember when I said that I was going to challenge myself with Photography.. well…

I’m going to do it!


There are so many challenges out there, and so many prompts out there, that I decided to do a merger of some of them into something all my own!

So my photography challenge focuses on one object and to photography that different ways…or themes.

Week 1–One Object Introduction

Let me introduce to you my subject:



We know him as Linus from Peanuts–Snoopy and Friends.  For the this whole year, we are going to see him from different point of views and in different locations.

Why did I pick one subject?

I wanted to be able to already know “what” I was going to shoot.  Also, I wanted to see how far I can stretch my ability to stretch the “how.”  Since I am a novice when it comes down to photography, this gives me a chance to focus on technique as well as throw my (and Linus’) personality in the picture.

There are tons of challenges that my fellow bloggers are doing out there as well, so I’m sure I will be joining in on their challenge as well as mine. 🙂

What I like about this, is that LaShawn has given me such a great suggestion to post some pictures to a Tumblr blog so that I don’t bombard you with my challenges.  I think that was such a great suggestion, that I’m going to get working on a Tumblr blog for some of my photography.  Thank you so much LaShawn! (Oh and if don’t know, she also has a challenge on her blog as well.  There she teams up with Kita from to take us out of our comfort zone and into new heights of photography!)

Just because I’m doing this, doesn’t mean that I have to do it alone,  why not join me in this 52 week challenge?

Sounds like fun to you?  Well, why not join me.  You can grab my button and have fun with it!

Next Week’s Challenge–Close Up