Life Through My Lens -- Love Edition, Linus


So not sure if you noticed, but I have this love theme going on this week on my blog–hahaha, not that it wasn’t obvious 🙂

This week, Linus discovers something special in his mailbox.  I wonder what it is?


I told Linus that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and I got him something special.


But the mailbox is a big dark place for this little guy.  Come to think of it…I would be scared too if the mailbox was bigger than me!  Go on Linus, don’t be scared, I’ll be right here!


Ah, I think he found what I put in there for him.  I wonder if he likes it? *Crosses fingers*


Yes he did!  I gave him my heart 🙂


Happy Valentine’s Day Linus!

Tomorrow is the big day, and I hope everyone is as happy as I am!

{As today is Thursday, I also gave thanks to the little things around me.  Please join me over at Empowerment Moments Blog for a Gratitude and Thankful Thursday message.}

Stay warm everyone!