Life Through My Lens Thursday Photography Challenge is my take on a Project 52.  I chose one object – Linus – and decided to photograph him using different themes and techniques.  Other times, I’ll make a story out of the photographs that I take.  To see the beginning of my challenge, start here.



I woke up early this morning, and found Linus staring out of the window.  Thinking.




Was he thinking about Spring, or warm weather?  Was he thinking about the sun rising this morning?



What ever he was thinking about, I enjoyed watching the sun come up with him.

This week, I wanted to work on Silhouette.  For these shots I woke up early in the morning and captured the light with Linus in the background. My favorite one is the second picture. 

Which picture do you like, the blurred background and foreground? Or just the Linus blurred?