Life Through My Lens Thursday Photography Challenge is my take on a Project 52.  I chose one object – Linus – and decided to photograph him using different themes and techniques.  Other times, I’ll make a story out of the photographs that I take.  To see the beginning of my challenge, start here.


This week on Life Through My Lens, Linus finds himself making a hard decision.

Week 10-2

Early one evening, Linus got to work in the kitchen.  He cooked so much food that he realized that he could not possibly eat it all! What is a guy to do?  Well, he quickly called over his best friend!

Week 10

Little did he know his friend was having a dress up party with his other friend!  Oh dear! He wanted someone to join him for dinner but he didn’t know who.  But he had another problem…

Week 10-3

They both overheard that he was going to invite his best friend over, and they wanted to know who that was.  Instead of eating dinner, he’s trying to avoid them them both! I wonder if they saw him…

Next week on Life through my lens…

Will they catch up to Linus?  Will he reveal which Princess is his best friend?  Will he finally be able to eat his dinner? Stay tuned until next time!