DIY – Bubble Soap Recipe

Let me know if this happens to you or your children:

It’s warm out, and all your kids want to do is blow bubbles, but you know every time you buy bubbles the following happen:

  • After one day, the bubbles are gone, leaving you with an empty container.
  • Soon after you buy the bubbles, more than half spills on the floor.

Well fellow mommies of children who love bubbles, fret no more!  (Wow this is starting to sound like a commercial…)

Introducing DIY Bubble Soap Recipe!


We’ve been blessed to have a few sunny days here in NYC and my daughter wanted nothing more than to blow bubbles, but we didn’t have any on hand.  We only had empty bubble containers (full of old bubble soap).

So instead of throwing away the containers, I promised myself that I was going to find out the perfect formula for making bubble soap for blowing bubbles.

I know, you’ve been wondering….

How can my kids enjoy bubble blowing without breaking the bank account on all those small bottles of bubbles?

This recipe is so purse friendly, that you can use any detergent you have on hand for the soap!  We had old baby shampoo, so instead of throwing them away (waste of money there) we can finish it up by using it for something else!

Once you make this, you will NEVER want to buy bubbles from the store again (unless you need a new container)!

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DIY – Bubble Soap Recipe


DIY – Bubble Soap Recipe via @kalleyc

Susie (The Esthetic Goddess)

I don’t have little kids anymore but who doesn’t love bubbles?!

miss donna

my five year old great niece loves bubbles. this is an inexpensive DIY that i can handle…thank you!


Hi ya Kalley,

This is a recipe i hope to try. Who would have thought blowing bubbles could cost so much money 🙂 The kids love it but the purse doesn’t. Great share.

Blessings Janet