This week, I didn’t get a chance to do much with Linus, so here is a quick snapshot to what I’ve been working on.  Nothing fancy, but I’m working on getting my characters to have more eye contact.

LTML Week 15


I can’t help it but I love having them out in the “grass.” 

Also, I’ve been wondering if I should keep my LTML on my blog or if I should move it to my facebook page.  I don’t know how you guys would feel or think about that, so I created a quick poll.  

I think it works either or, but I’m sensing that I’m leaning more into thinking kind of posts, and Linus well….I love him, but I think he either needs his own space from BWN or I need to put him on my FB page instead.  I’m really loving toy photography though.  So, I just want to know your thoughts.