This week on Life Through My Lens Thursday, Linus find him self in a hero role, as Sally is in need of a rescue from a Dinosaur-dragon.  Let’s find out what happens!


LTML W16-2

Linus has traveled far and wide to find this castle.  Finally, he draws near.  But oh, no! The drawbridge is up and there’s no other way inside!



With his trusty shoes, he draws near and beings to hear the voice of Sally calling to him from above.


LTML W16-3

“Linus, my hero!” She exclaims.  “Please, be careful of the dragon that’s guarding the gate.  The only way to get in is to defeat it!”  Linus was just about to say, what dragon? until the dinosaur-dragon appeared out of nowhere.


LTML W16-4

“Rooaarrr” said the dinosaur-dragon, “You cannot come through!  Sally is my prisoner, and you will be too!


LTML W16-5

Linus smiled to himself, there is no way this dinosaur-dragon is going to defeat me.  I KNOW I can win!  

“I accept your challenge dragon!” Linus yelled back.

“Dinosaur-dragon to you!”  (Apparently, this dinosaur-dragon liked formality).

LTML W16-6

They circled each other sizing each other up….or out… and then the battle began.

Linus pounced first.

Dinosaur-dragon stepped back, and swung his tail, trying to trip his enemy.

Linus anticipated the move, and stomped on the dinosaur-dragon’s tail.

The creature fell to the floor in pain. 

How can this be? The dinosaur-dragon thought to himself, He’s only a Linus?!


LTML W16-7

“You will not harm anyone anymore, Dinosaur-dragon, instead you will go home and think about what you’ve wrong.  Like keeping people prisoners in their own home!” Linus meant business.

Why do I always get a time-out? The dinosaur-dragon sulked home.  

LTML W16-8


Now that the castle was free of the horrible dinosaur-dragon, the drawbridge opened up and he began to make his climb up the castle.

LTML W16-9

Sally cheered him on as he made his way inside.

LTML W16-10


Once at the top, Sally and Linus looked over the lands of their kingdom, promising each other to not let a bully keep them trapped ever again.

Through his bravery, Linus saved Sally from the Dinosaur-dragon, and managed to do it with a smile on his face!


Thank you to everyone who answered my question last week.  I was seriously debating about putting him elsewhere like Facebook or something like that.  Everyone made such valid points as they were all true: he would get lost on there, and I just couldn’t do that to him!

So I think he’s going to stay here.  I enjoy these posts a lot, and it’s a nice way to get into the lighthearted mood before the weekend. 

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