LTML 27: A Tree In Brooklyn

I love how I meant to post these up last week, but I just never got a chance to do it. Anyway, last week was week 27 of: Life Through My Lens

This summer, we’re having a stay-cation for our summer. Since I’ve been in New York City all my life, I figured now it’s the time to check out all the favorite places that I love, and even venture to some places that I have never been before!

I would love to travel to other places, but sometimes we just have to make due with what we have! 🙂  While entertaining ourselves and our kids, I always remind myself that it doesn’t have to be expensive, or far away, just the experience with the family is what they will remember.



This time, we went to the Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn! I have to admit, I’m a sucker for museums! I just love the history, and I love looking back at how Brooklyn used to look through the paintings!

One of my favorite sights is to come upon the building and just let it unfold before our eyes.



Now, you may not have known this, but the Brooklyn museum holds one of the oldest and finest public collections of art in the world. At this museum you can also find an extensive collection of Egyptian art, as well as the Egyptian Book of the dead!   Of course they have their share of mummies as well 🙂



Not too long ago, they began a renovation of the entrance of the museum, and I must add that is is antique and modern at the same time.  I *tried* to capture the water in motion while holding my son, after several shots, this is the it.  *Don’t laugh* 



Now this gem of a tree is found on the 5th floor of the museum.  It’s part of an exhibition from Swoon (a Brooklyn artist).

Known for her intricately-cut printed portraits situated on walls and abandoned buildings and, more recently, for her large-scale figurative installations, Swoon celebrates everyday people, while also exploring social and environmental issues. Often inspired by both historical and contemporary events, Swoon engages with climate change for this installation, particularly the catastrophic Hurricane Sandy that hit New York in 2012, and also Doggerland, a landmass that once connected Great Britain with Europe that was destroyed by a tsunami nearly 8,000 years ago. These places and events separated by thousands of years and miles form a salient image to draw upon and to explore the numerous and complex results of climate change. (source

My favorite part about this place is walking into the houses (yes, real old houses!) and seeing how people of different classes lived.  They have the old bedding, dresses, furniture, and other things (in place) so we can see their lifestyle.  

That was always my favorite part of the museum (since I was little), and I’m so glad that we were able to share it with Zee and LittleZ!  She loved that part too!

For those of you who would love to browse to see what this museum has, you can check out their website here.  Those of you that live in NYC and who haven’t been here in a while, I say “What are you waiting for?!”  The kids will find this entertaining and interesting at the same time.

What do you like to do for a stay cation?  Do you and your family have some place fun to go?


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I love staycations I did one with my kids this year where we go somewhere new once a week right around town we even traveled 2 hours out of town to visit a museum and had a blast.


Beautiful pictures. Reminds me of one of the reasons I love NY. The architecture is amazing!

For a staycation, we like to hit up any of the piers. They are full of stuff to do. Gondola rides, harbor cruises, arcades… anything!


I love museums. I think it has to do with growing up in DC and always having access to them. I need to come to Brooklyn and go to this one. The Egyptian mummies…..


What a beautiful museum! I would love the house(s) displays as well. I’m a total sucker for stuff like that.

I live in STL so there is plenty to do if I really want to.


I LOVE the Brooklyn Museum. We are fortunate to live in NYC where there’s so much to see and visit. I love
staycations. During the summer, I like to go to prospect park and Brooklyn Bridge Park. I also love going to dumbo and going to the Brooklyn Ice Cream factory and watching the sunset.


Ha! They have houses with how people used to live? That sounds like a really fun museum to see. I think your picture of the water is beautiful. I think I would enjoy something like this as well. 🙂


It is true that “…the experience with the family is what they will remember. Also to think that people pay thousands to travel to visit NYC, you are so lucky to live there. Enjoy your stay-cation summer 2014 🙂