LTML33: Six To One

As my youngest is getting older, I sense that there is a shift going on with how I’m feeling and how I’m writing.  I know you noticed, but bear with me!  A lot of my humor and joy has been reserved for my kids.  That doesn’t mean you get the sober parts of me, it’s just that when I’m able to sit down and write, I’m a bit more reflective (and forced to stay calm because it’s nap time).


Feelings of Love

We took this week off from homeschooling (we had 6 weeks straight, so yup, we needed a break) and in this time off, I’m just amazed at how much information my daughter is retaining from her lessons.  I get that homeschooling is not for everyone, because it IS a lot of work, but I’m still thankful for the option.

LittleZ wants to do what his sister (and mommy) do, by working on his laptop, and Zee loves showing her little brother how to work a mouse (I know, so old school right?)  LittleZ has shown Zee how to scribble (although she doesn’t need the lessons).  

But to see these two playing, peacefully, and loving with each other, will forever be etched in my mind.  Getting to this point has taken a lot of work, but finally we are back into the groove of things, and I’m excited for it.


Mess of Toys


Of course playing does have its drawbacks for parents (the mess…oh the mess..)  But if this is the price to pay, I’m okay with it.

Since our plan is all year home school, it makes sense to have breaks and scheduled days off so that we can prevent burn out, because we could all use a break.  



I know day by day they are growing, and slowly time is slipping away, but in these moments…time is still.  It’s not about what will happen next week or next year, it’s about what are we going to do now.  We’re not worried about the near future, because we know that is not promised, but now is how we spending our time.

This week for Life Through My Lens Thursday, I cannot but help look around me and see how much my children have grown!  I think back to when I started this blog, and I started it when Zee was LittleZ’s age.  Now she’s 5 going on 6 in a few months.  I take tons of pictures of them (and even let them take a few pictures with my phone) but I am never amazed at how time is passing us by.  

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I’ve always wondered if homeschoolers took regular time off. there is another blogger who I follow who homeschools and this year she decided on a 4 days school week. I love that homeschooling allows so much flexibility based on the family’s needs!