Our days are usually a grind.  We wake up, pray, wash up, brush our teeth, pray, eat our breakfast, clean up, and then start our lessons. We grind daily to the point that there are days when I cannot step back and enjoy the fruit of our labor.

Until a few days ago, I happen upon this in the living room.



I was so blessed to capture this moment of Zee reading her book out loud!  

We started our reading exercises at the end of Pre-K. She knew her letters, recognized site words, and understood sound blending.   Still I didn’t want to push her.  I wanted her to come into reading on her own, like she did when she learned how to walk.  

In the spring we stepped back for vacation and started again in July. That break was the glue that she needed to put everything together!   Everything just clicked and she took off reading at lightning pace.   I would love to take the credit for her learning how to read, but it was through the grace of God that she is learning and it is her practicing that gets her through every lesson. 

My my role was just to guide her.  Not push her beyond her what she could handle, but challenge her, and nurture her.  On days that were too hard for her, I gave her what encouragement that I could.  But all the sweet words mean nothing if she didn’t internalize them.

I am thankful that I was able to witness this moment, and I am humbled by watching my daughter grow before my eyes.

Were you amazed when your child learned how to read?  Is your child learning how to read now?  What are you doing to help them on their journey?