Lord, Grant Me Your Grace



In our lives, we all have someone who we either walked away from, or who walked away from us.  Maybe our beliefs were different, or maybe because we have grown in a different direction.

Which ever it is, we neither communicate or see each other anymore.

This reminds me of loved ones that I have had to pleasure to know growing up (who have long since passed) or people who I grew up with who went a different way from me.  I’m especially thinking about those who have lost their faith due to trials of their lives.

Some turned away because the cross they bear is too heavy for them, or they fear the loss of love by the one who they are with, so they let go of the only true love that they will ever know.

For those facing hardships of life — I want to tell them we are never alone through the trials and hardships of this life.  That while we don’t see it, we are always supported by Jesus, and His love.  He would never give us more than what we can take.  Yes it’s hard, believe me, I have my own trials I have, currently, and will go through, but during these trials, we should strengthen our bond to our Lord, not weaken it.

For those turning their backs on (knowing and unknowingly) their faith — Our flesh is weak.  If we go by everything that we want, we know we will never be satisfied.  Some fear loneliness, and the comfort of another’s arms, but that is not the love that God wants for us.  Love of Christ doesn’t mean choosing between Him and another.  It is you and the other person both choosing to live as children of God.

My heart and prayers go out to everyone facing these challenges as their reality.

I’m not standing from a place of judging.  We all have our trials.

My Sunday prayer for you this week is for you to find the Grace that you need to find your faith again.  For those who have loved ones that are either lost or confused, I pray for wisdom to handle this situation with care and genteelness that it requires.

Not everyone are eloquent speakers, and not everyone can be great writers, but we all can do is be the ear that need to listen to the other persons’ pain. We can all strive to be the shoulder that they need to rest their heads on.  Also, with God’s grace, we will able to speak with words that will be comforting to them.


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Amen!!! “For those turning their backs on (knowing and unknowingly) their faith” – that truly struck a chord with me. Sometimes we let so many things creep into our lives that we don’t realize that we’ve slowly slipped away from what matters the most.