My husband told me, as we are waiting on news for our family: “Things will get harder before they will get easier.”

Of course when he mentioned this, I said, how much harder can they be?  It is already hard enough already.  We are already in the face of different ideologies that could be potentially dangerous if not kept in check.  But I naively thought that there was no way it can get worse before we truly know the outcome of the news.

My husband’s words, was a warning for us.  I’m not sure if he even knew the words that he said, but I stood up straighter, and taller.  An impending battle was about to take place, and it will happen in my home.  I’m not talking about fighting, I’m talking about spiritual warfare.

My husband said those words 2 weeks ago, and the battle has waged on.  In the past two weeks, we have been in Spiritual Warfare.  In the meantime, we grow weary, and tired, but we are ever vigilant.  Not only have errors pretending to be truth have emerged, my parenting has come under attack.

I take comfort in the Lord.  I take comfort in His Grace.  That what’s been going on is not only a test of my Spiritual life, but if I will indeed stand up for truth–out of love.  Not only out of love for our Lord, but out of love for my fellow brothers and sisters through Christ.

Our Lord has groomed me for the past two years.  My faith has deepened, and I have gained deeper understanding.  In these years,  I have been called to get closer with Our Lord, and I’ve listened.

While going through these different stages, I know that I am a sinner.  I know that I am not holier than anyone, and I have my own faults.  I know that through this stage, I can easily led into sin.  But there are three things that I do when I know I’m being attacked.

Cross my mind, mouth, and heart.  I humbly ask for the ability to speak with Our Lord on my mind, His words on my lips, and His love in my heart.  I ask the Holy Spirit how should You address this.  At this point I realize that I’m just the middle person.  I  only want to speak and proclaim the truth and be a witness to my faith.  

Going through spiritual warfare is no joke.  It’s tiring, and its meant to exhaust you.  You need to have a moment to collect yourself and to strengthen yourself.  I even took a break from blogging because I needed to dedicate even more time to my prayers.  In the meantime, I’ve been ill as well as my children–all while this has been going on.

For now I take comfort in the Lord, and my favorite Psalm has so much of a deeper meaning for me.


psalm 63 

What do you do in the middle of Spiritual Warfare?