Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick


Today we celebrate a great Saint, who changed the faith in Ireland.  Sadly, I have a love / hate relationship with this day.


  • We are able to celebrate the memory of man who is credited with converting a whole nation.
  • Through his quick thinking, and guidance of the Holy Spirit, he took something that was familiar to the people and explained the Holy Trinity.
  • We see the love that he had for people, especially how he loved them enough to teach to them, and have them turn away from sin.


  • Secularism took the Feast Day, and turned it into something almost unrecognizable.
  • All the worst stereotypes of the Irish are displayed (the fighting Irish, drinking untill completely wasted–then drinking some more, leprechauns and pot of golds)
  • The Catholic origins seemed to be completely removed from the man whom we are celebrating, but that’s not a surprise.

Every year, I  want to make sure my children know the real reason behind this Feast Day, and what’s the point.  I want them to know that it’s not just a day to wear green, but who is the Saint for whom the day is named after.

Here are some simple fact about Saint Patrick that you may find interesting.  Share with your friends if you want, but above all, try not to forget why this day is on the calendar and why it’s one of the most celebrated days during Lent.

Saint Patrick

How do you celebrate this Feast day with your family?


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Interested read, hope you had a good day.. God Bless


Hey PJ! I did have a good day with the kids, hope you had a good day too! Thank you and God Bless you too 🙂


You very welcome and glad to hear it. I was little under weather that day. God Bless