Sunday Reflection: Look and Be Amazed

look and be amazed

This Sunday we celebrate Palm Sunday.  It’s one of my most favorite days during Lent. Holy Week is kicked off with Palm Sunday, then we move into the Passion of our Lord starting Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, then Easter Sunday.

It was during this time a few years ago that so many things started to click for me.

  • After much contemplation and praying, we decided to homeschool our daughter.  We had no idea what would be in store for us, but we knew this was the best route to go.
  • Through this endeavor we have grown as a family so many ways.  One huge way was us deepening out faith.  Who would have thought that homeschool would prompt me to study to become of Catechist!
  • It has made us grow in love with not only each other, but with our surroundings.

The last point I really want to talk about.  The transition between working-and getting external validation or appreciation, to being at home and know that any validation has to come from yourself –is hard.  Being a homemaker, and homeschooler is another hard transition.

Many of your friends are moving on with their lives, going on to “bigger and better” things, and you made the decision to stick with the stay with the family route–full time.  On so many days you feel like you’re not growing, you’re not doing anything with your life, it really turns into a, “poor me” party fast!  But not so fast!  You too are growing, you too are moving on with your life, just in a different direction.

As you look around — you are reminded that you are part of a larger picture.  That you, with the grace of God, are able to shape your children for the future.  That values, morals, ethics is not something they will just ‘pick up’ but it’s something that you will instill in them.  All parenting is like this, from the new mom to the veteran.


In a larger context, we can see everything that God has made and know that we are part of that story for this moment.  So, while it’s easy to fall into despair, have a pity party, we are invited to look at the amazing work God has done, and continue to do.

We see this through a breeze that touches our skin.  Birds raising their voices up to God in the early morning (see, that is why they sing).  Falling of leaves, snow on the ground, and the budding of flowers.

We just have to take a moment to stop and appreciate these things, and understand that all of this was done out of love.  This all begins with being content.  Acceptance of your situation, and not thinking that there is more to it than this.  What “this” is, is a wonderful gift.  Yes, it’s hard work (and many times thankless) but we see our payment in other ways.

lovefory ou

This is where it becomes hard.  We have to be able to move in the love that God has for us.  Not be afraid to march to a different drum, and know that while we may do things differently–it doesn’t mean that we’re not growing, we’re just growing in a different way, and there is nothing wrong with being different 🙂 .

So this week, before the Passion of our Lord, I’m going to be thankful.  I know that what is coming up is for my salvation, and I am forever grateful for everything that God has done for me, and the world that he has given me.  There are plenty of things to be thankful for, we just have to look around.

Thank you Lord for the morning, and the rain.  The snow that comes unexpectedly, and the rainbow that appears out of now where.  Everywhere, we are reminded that you are with us, and everything you created in love.  Thank you.


psalm 46.8

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