Hi & welcome to my corner of the blogsphere!  Let me start with the basics:

Who are you?

Glad that you asked! I am Catholic, a wife, a mother, and a homeschooler. I love my faith and I am always seeking ways to grow in my faith.  I do believe in all the precepts of the Church, and I trust her teaching.  My world is viewed through the lens of my faith. ‘

What do you write about?

My faith is the main focus in my writing.  I write about what I read, what I learn, and occasionally, opinions of what’s going on in the world around us.

Do you have any favorite posts?

Of course!  To get started to see if you like my blog, Check out these links below:

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What Will You Get Out of This Site?

Besides a bit of humor and deep thinking?  I think at different times in our lives we are called to grow closer to God and to understand the things we didn’t understand before.  Through this journey through our faith, I hope we can:

  • Recall the things that we may have forgotten.
  • Through God’s grace, he will help make the rough places plain.
  • Light up the dark.
  • Be a witness to our faith.

There is so much opposition to what it is we actually believe.  No longer can we allow others to fill in the blanks, we are called by our Baptism to fill in the blanks for those who do not fully understand.  Come join me, and let us help each other fill in the void.