Week 16: Linus vs The Dinosaur-Dragon

This week on Life Through My Lens Thursday, Linus find him self in a hero role, as Sally is in need of a rescue from a Dinosaur-dragon.  Let’s find out what happens!   Linus has traveled far and wide to find this castle.  Finally, he draws near.  But oh, no! The drawbridge is up and there’s no other way inside!   With his trusty shoes, he draws near and beings to hear the voice of Sally calling to him from above.   “Linus, my hero!” She exclaims.  “Please, be careful of the dragon that’s guarding the gate.  The only way to get in is to defeat it!”  Linus was just about to say, what dragon? until the dinosaur-dragon appeared out of nowhere.   “Rooaarrr” said the dinosaur-dragon, “You cannot come through!  Sally is my prisoner, and you will be too!   Linus smiled to himself, there is no way this dinosaur-dragon is going to defeat me.  I KNOW I can win!   “I accept your challenge dragon!” Linus yelled back. “Dinosaur-dragon to you!”  (Apparently, this dinosaur-dragon liked formality). They circled each other sizing each other up….or out… and then the battle began. Linus pounced first. Dinosaur-dragon stepped back, and swung his tail, trying to trip his enemy. Linus anticipated the move, and stomped on the dinosaur-dragon’s tail. The creature fell to the floor in pain.  How can this be? The dinosaur-dragon thought to himself, He’s only a Linus?!    “You will not harm anyone anymore, Dinosaur-dragon, instead you will go home and think about what you’ve wrong.  Like keeping people prisoners in their own home!” Linus meant business. Why do I always get...

Are We Over Sharing?

Imagine this: You are sitting in a restaurant  and a complete stranger comes up to you says, “Oh I just wanted to wish your two kids (they name them by name) a Happy Birthday last week.  Oh, and since I’m here, how is that new job that you just got hired to?  Did you actually drink that margarita while hiding in the bathroom from your kids?” Now, what if this stranger tells you that they learned everything from your Twitter and Instagram account?  Everything that they ever needed to know was right there for the picking. I don’t know about you, but that is a scary situation. This is something that we have to take seriously and think about before we post that picture or share that tweet. And believe me, I get it.  We’re bloggers.  We do write about our personal lives to connect with one another.   We want to appear relatable and personable to our readers out there–to other bloggers out there.  We want others to see that they are not alone in their journey of life, no matter where they are.   But there is a line that we have to try not to cross.   Everything that we say online is public and it’s written in ink. Click To Tweet We’ve all done it, but knowing what we know these days about technology we need to ask ourselves:     Deep down, we’re concerned about the privacy of our children, or what we write about our significant other.  After all, anything and everything we do is traceable back to our real lives off the internet.   If this is...

Like A Submarine

this submarine was created by welder who had not previous experience in shipbuilding. However, he wanted to raise a sunken Cruise ship. He tested the submarine and successfully raised many small wrecks. But during one storm, the submarine broke loose and was shipwrecked in it’s current location.

Life Through My Lens Thursday: Week 15

This week, I didn’t get a chance to do much with Linus, so here is a quick snapshot to what I’ve been working on.  Nothing fancy, but I’m working on getting my characters to have more eye contact.   I can’t help it but I love having them out in the “grass.”  Also, I’ve been wondering if I should keep my LTML on my blog or if I should move it to my facebook page.  I don’t know how you guys would feel or think about that, so I created a quick poll.   I think it works either or, but I’m sensing that I’m leaning more into thinking kind of posts, and Linus well….I love him, but I think he either needs his own space from BWN or I need to put him on my FB page instead.  I’m really loving toy photography though.  So, I just want to know your thoughts. Where should life Through My Lens...
Loosing Empathy

Loosing Empathy

What struck me was that she’s asking me to have consideration for others while screaming over a crying infant who I was changing.

All through the web, and when I open the Bible, I’m reminded that our words can tear a person down our build them up. I am reminded of the power of our words.

We throw out phrases like: consideration, sympathy, empathy, but I sense these are just key words. Words that we have to remember without actually exercising their meaning.