Life Through My Lens Thursday: Week 15

This week, I didn’t get a chance to do much with Linus, so here is a quick snapshot to what I’ve been working on.  Nothing fancy, but I’m working on getting my characters to have more eye contact.   I can’t help it but I love having them out in the “grass.”  Also, I’ve been wondering if I should keep my LTML on my blog or if I should move it to my facebook page.  I don’t know how you guys would feel or think about that, so I created a quick poll.   I think it works either or, but I’m sensing that I’m leaning more into thinking kind of posts, and Linus well….I love him, but I think he either needs his own space from BWN or I need to put him on my FB page instead.  I’m really loving toy photography though.  So, I just want to know your thoughts. Where should life Through My Lens...
Loosing Empathy

Loosing Empathy

What struck me was that she’s asking me to have consideration for others while screaming over a crying infant who I was changing.

All through the web, and when I open the Bible, I’m reminded that our words can tear a person down our build them up. I am reminded of the power of our words.

We throw out phrases like: consideration, sympathy, empathy, but I sense these are just key words. Words that we have to remember without actually exercising their meaning.

Life Through My Lens Thursday – Week 14: Just Watching

This week on Life Through My Lens Thursday, we find Linus laying down in the grass, and watching.  But what is he looking at?  Let’s find out! ***   It was a quiet afternoon and Linus wanted to spend some time outside.  So he did.    Sally saw Linus laying on the ground and asked him, “Hey Linus, what are you doing?”      Linus points to the sky and said, “I’m trying to find out how many clouds looks like elephants.”   “Elephants? Why Elephants?” Sally asked.  “Well, their pretty big on the ground so they have to be pretty big in this sky.” Linus responded.   That made perfect sense to Sally, so she laid down next to him and looked up at the clouds.   Snoopy walked by and noticed Linus and Sally laying down.  Before he could ask what they were doing they both said:   “We’re trying to count how many elephant clouds are in the in the sky.”       Snoopy laid down next to them, for he liked counting, clouds and elephants.  But the best part of all, he was able to do all is favorite things with his friends. For the rest of the day, the laid on the grass looking up at the sky. Just watching the clouds pass by.     Life Through My Lens Thursday Photography Challenge is my take on a Project 52.  I chose one object – Linus – and decided to photograph him using different themes and techniques.  Other times, I’ll make a story out of the photographs that I take.  To see the beginning of my challenge,...

5 Hair Lessons on Life

Yesterday, as I was latching, twisting, and pinning my dreadlocks down, I realize that I wasn’t doing anything that the hair gurus had been teaching. A long time ago, I know I would have; I would have hung on their every word. Run away from mineral oil? Check. Only use olive oil. Check. Buy expensive shampoos. Check. I did these things, thinking it was the best decision for me. So when I had a reaction to one of the shampoos and locking butter, I ignored it, thinking, “It’s the best, no way I’m reacting to it!” Over time we become product junkies. We keep buying different things fearing that we will be missing out on something better. We do this even when something we are using is working for us. But this fear of losing out is real. We can sense it when we debate with ourselves to go to a party, an event, or a social gathering. We don’t want to lose out on an experience, even if that experience doesn’t necessarily help us grow. My hair has taught me a few lessons on life so far. Let go and do what works.  It’s okay if everyone is doing it the “right way.” We have to let go of the idea of what is the right way, and wrong way.  Just because we are doing something differently, doesn’t always mean we are doing it wrong.  The right way for me may not be the right way for you. Just because we are doing something differently, doesn’t always mean we are doing it wrong. Click To Tweet Stop searching...

Beauty Found In The Heart

1 Samuel 16:7  God looks at your Heart But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not look at his appearance or at the height of his stature, because I have rejected him; for God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” During the weekend, I love to go out and just take pictures. I don’t have a preference or “style” that I’m going for; I look for something that just captures my eye. Some days, I get discouraged. If you look online, you’ll see tons of beautiful pictures that are open, and full of space. Living in the city, you don’t come across that often. Often I find myself wishing for the quietness of country living. Just wondering what the simplicity around me would feel like.  To snap pictures of my surroundings without all the noise. When I feel like this, I have to step back. I have to look at the world-my world for what it really is. And it is beautiful. I took this picture looking out of the door of my dentist office.  At first, it looked cluttered, and disorderly and dreary.  It was raining, and everything was soaked.  In our everyday lives we try to find something simple to focus on, something “beautiful” but there is nothing completely orderly about our lives.  We weave in and out of things, stores, homes, cars.  Our lives are anything but simple. But in this picture, it’s like everyone weaving together.  The train tracks on the left, cars parked by the curb, people walking on the sidewalk,...