Discovering Our Purpose

Posted by on May 27, 2014 in Health and Spirituality

Each one of us has a unique gift that He gave us.  Our gifts are not the same, and they are not packaged the same.  Just like us, they are unique and made  just to us.

The thing is, there are may times when we don’t realize that we either: 1) don’t know what our purpose is or 2) know what our purpose is, but forget.

In our world that is forever changing, it is important that we understand what our true purpose is in this life, and move towards that.



Listen to your heart.


Do you find that you are constantly dissatisfied?  Always looking for a change but end up going back to the same thing?  The thing is, sometimes, our purpose is right in front of our faces, but we’re just to blind to see them.

I say, listen to your heart.  Listen to what moves you, what stirs you.  Know that what you choose to spend your time on, you are making a difference.  

I’ve noticed that I’ve always been the “behind the scenes” sort of person, and up until a few years ago, it used to bother me so much.

I would constantly ask myself: why can’t I be leading from the front?  But in my heart, I know what I want.  I understand the dreams of others, and realize my role is not always in the front pulling, it’s in the back pushing.

For me, knowing my purpose didn’t happen until I learned acceptance.  And believe me that was hard to do.  

I’m a pusher, I push myself, and I push others forward around me.  It was part of my nature to want the best for those around me, and I naturally did what I could to help them get in that direction.

I find joy in helping.

Discover your passions.


The most silliest things can become passion for others.  Some may find passion in fitness, others in finance.  It is the journey on knowing what moves you and your heart that you would have to find.

From reading to writing, to teaching and sharing, I find my passion in everything around me.  Yes, I love writing, and I’m really loving photography, but I find that those are just some ways I share my bubbling passion with others.  Those are my mediums.

Deep down, my passion is love that I have for my family and those around me.  

The life that I am blessed to live-good days and bad.

Faith in knowing that all this is sacred. 

So I find that no matter what I’m doing, I’m surrounded by my passion.  

Understand how to use the gifts you were given.


Some people have a skill at taking the most complex ideas, and explaining it in a way that regular people can understand.  A great example of this is Michio Kaku,  a theoretical physicist.  He has such an aurora around him that gravitates people to want to know more about physics and his theories.  

Michio Kaku has a unique gift, and such vast knowledge, that he decided that it shouldn’t be shared with those with the most money, but instead he decided to teach for CCNY (City College of New York – part of NYC CUNY system).

Not only do we have to understand the gifts that were given, but these gifts were not made to just capitalize on, they were given to us freely to share with each other freely.

So not only do we have to work on what our gifts are, but we have to understand how to use them.  

Know Who Our Gifts Glorify


Lastly, we should know who our gifts glorify.  I’ve noticed that there is a trend to ignore who is really at the helm of our ship.  We say that we did all the hard work ourselves, but we don’t [always] recognize that any success that we’ve had been because He wanted it so.

Yes, we can always “work” for it ourselves, but it never comes easy.  It never feels right.  It always feels like we’re pushing a boulder up a hill and yet not making any progress.

If we end up using our gifts for selfish gains, then the well will dry up.  We dry up.  We start to grow dissatisfied with what we’re doing, and question it–daily.

But I’ve found that if we just stop for a moment, and give thanks, and praise to Him who gave us our gifts and spelled out our purpose, we would never lose sight of what is important.


For some, our purpose is not some grand adventure–out to change the world with one single bound.  Sometimes our purpose doesn’t take us far from home to far off places.  What ever your gifts are, and what ever your purpose is, use it wisely, and live it.

Are you still discovering what your purpose is?  What is your calling?


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LTML-20: Walking Through Chinatown

Posted by on May 22, 2014 in Photography

This week for Life Through My Lens Thursday, I’m sharing a place with you that I always love going to.  Manhattan China Town.   Here are a few pictures that I took while walking with the family.   What really brings this place to life for me, is knowing that not much has changed from the first time I visited this place.

Of course now, things are changing tourism has left its mark on the area, and the nearby surrounding area (Little Italy) is getting smaller, as this place is getting bigger.

  For me and Mr. C, it’s a classic.  This is our “default” place to hang out and see what’s new.  Also, it’s not a bad spot to share my husband’s culture with our children.  

  There are a lot of buildings that have the same construction, but when I look up and see the wall of fire escapes and signs written in Chinese, I sometimes feel like I’m experiencing an old world.  

  True to form, a church is never too far away from the busy hustle and bustle of making money in the streets.  

These days, who can visit Chinatown, and not get lost in the array of different items these vendors have for sale.  If you take your time inside these stores, you’ll find something that will add color and life to your home.  

“New York” is never too far away for those that really wants to wear it.  Even though I’m from the area, but I do not mind sporting my state.  It’s one of the best ways to have fun in NYC.

What I love about roaming in NYC is that if we take the time out to act like tourists-at least for a moment, is really fun.  Also, I’m trying to slow down and see things through my children’s eyes, after all, I have seen all of this many times, but never had I thought to take pictures of it.  

Now that I have it on camera (was just about to say film) I can appreciate how different, yet amazing all parts of our city is.


Notes about these pictures:

  • I used my iPhone5 to take all the photos. (left the big girl at home for this).
  • All pictures were taken while walking (no, really….I didn’t get a chance to stop walking).


What I like:

  • I’m really feeling black and white for these pictures.  It really feels like home for me when I see these pictures.

So tell me: What do you like about these pictures?  Have to been to Chinatown in Manhattan?  How about any Chinatown? Leave your response in the comments below! (Also, if you really like it, why not share this post :-) )


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LTML 19: Bright Lights

Posted by on May 15, 2014 in Photography

This week’s photography challenge, I had a hard time “focusing” on what to take.  

It’s so weird not completing a LTMLT without Linus, as I now find myself struggling for inspiration.

Even though I’m sad to no longer take pictures of Linus, I know that this is going to challenge me further to:

      • Share things that brings me joy, and peace and hopefully allows you the breathe easy for just a moment.
      • Not get too attached to one object or one thing — just like that, it could be gone.
      • Stretch myself in concepts and ideas.
      • Give you a glimpse of my life through my lens, of how I see things, and not see them the same way.




Taken with iPhone5 camera, on a very cloudy day. Used a Bright lights overlay on a mostly dark picture.


Even on a cloudy day (I actually think there was fog covering the top part of the parachute) , this place still brings happiness and joy to may people.  

They don’t care if it’s raining or cloudy, or sizzling hot.  This place is and always will be fun to many.

Even though this picture is year ago,  there is still a sense of enjoyment that is yet to be had.  A promise of summer on a cold, cloudy day.

What place can you think of that is and always will be considered a place of fun and enjoyment for you?  



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Today Is A Gift

Posted by on May 13, 2014 in Dignity of Life

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present. – Eleanor Roosevelt


Not too often am I reminded of the many possibilities of today.  What is today for most of us?  

It usually consists of running errands, doing our best to get things done, and surviving to see tomorrow.  But in all of our busyness,  we sometimes forget the importance of today.  The precious gift that we are given that we (including myself) take for granted.



Quit Talking About Tomorrow.


We usually tend to fall into the habit of talking about our dreams and goals, things that we will do in all the tomorrows that we have planned.  It’s great that we have goals, and dreams, but we cannot forget that today is as precious as the hope of tomorrow.

We hope that tomorrow will come for us.  We hope that we will have more time to make things right, to do things right–but we simply do not know what tomorrow will bring.  


What if Today Was Your Last Day?


Last year I asked myself, How Would I Want To Be Remembered?  It’s a running question in my home and one that I share all the time with my family.  Do I want to be remembered as always out of the picture?  Never having enough time with my family?  

If today was my last day, would I say, “I wish I would have worked more?”  or “Maybe I should have scrubbed the tub again?”  


These things will be the furthest from my mind.

Instead, I know I will be asking, and hoping that I spent as much time with my family as I could.  That I showed them love and how to love.  That not everything we end up doing we like to do, but we end up loving  to do it, because we love our families.

Too often we get caught up in the soil of here and now.  That we are so buried deep with our responsibilities that we do not take our heads out of the dirt and look around.


Stop and Truly Smell The Roses.


Everyday, I sit down and I say thank you for just one more day.  Thank you for a roof over my head.  Thank you for a peaceful nights rest.  I know I have no right complaining about not getting enough sleep, after all:

      • There are people who are losing everything they have now due to storms.
      • I have a bed to lay my head down tonight.
      • My family is safe and sound.

All over the news, I’m hearing about storms and tornadoes ripping through communities, and changing lives.  Am I going to sit around and complain about how much I need to get done?  Nope.  I have to put things in perspective.  I’m learning that I must be grateful and thankful for today.


Let Go.


I can say we should let go of our past; that we should learn to forget and forgive (very important lessons) but I think letting go is more than just that.  Letting go is letting it all go.

Past, and future.  Not counting the chickens before they hatch.  Truly looking at our lives for what they are–here and now–and learn how to live.

Not just survive.

But live.



Do you find yourself taking things for granted?  How often do you remember that today was a gift?  What is something you are going to change starting today?


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I Am Thankful On Mother’s Day

Posted by on May 10, 2014 in Faith & Spirituality

Every Mother’s Day seems hectic to me.  It’s has never really been about relaxing and taking the day for myself, after all I have several mothers that I need to celebrate in the process.

Mother’s Day has always been about:

      • Making the meals for the family.
      • Spending as much time with my husband’s family as well as my own.
Mother’s Day for me has always been about getting the family together.


I know I could say that I want the day to myself, but I’ll be honest, that is not what makes me happy.

I’m sure you would disagree, after all who doesn’t dream about lounging on a beach in paradise while someone serves them virgin drinks (yes I did say virgin).

But Yvonne over at Empowerment Moment’s Blog, has inspired me with her post, Why Showing Mom Gratitude is Good For Her…and You! and realized how fortunate my situation is.



I am thankful because:

      • We live close to myremaining living Grandmother.  My children (at least my older one) knows who she is, and has a relationship with her.  That is a blessing within itself!
      • My husband’s mother lives in the same city as us!
      • My mother is here with us, and able to spend as much time as she likes with her grandchildren (an added bonus, my husband and mom get along)!


I’ve come to learn that Mother’s Day is not really about me.  Yes, I am a mother, but it’s a time where I can also appreciate and say thank you to the mothers who stood before me.  These are the women in my lives who have helped shaped me who I am today.

It is times like these that I can look down at my feet and know who has held me up.  I know my foundation and my platform; I can see them, I can touch them, and I can still say,  “Thank you, I love you.”  

I pray, that while I am still surrounded by loving family, I show my children how we love our parents.  After all, that is how I learned it by watching my parents show their respect and love for my grandparents.

The day will come when my children will be old enough to understand all of this, and everything will make sense to them.

For now, since they are young and do not understand yet, I’ll spend the day with my family doing something I love–watching my kids smile.

As for all the mothers out there who are celebrating Mother’s Day,


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LTML-18: A Mother’s Surprise

Posted by on May 8, 2014 in Photography

Hey everyone!  This Life Through My Lens Thursday is somewhat bittersweet for me.  It’s the last post that I will be doing with Linus.

Why?  (of course you asked)

Well, you see…Linus broke :-(  and in a way where I cannot put him back together.

Since we received him for a Christmas gift many years ago, I’m going to have to search really hard and long for a replacement.  I haven’t even broken the news to Zee yet.  

She liked the photography I was doing with her toys, but I’m not sure if she was as attached to Linus as I was.  I know I’ll do more photography with her soon–after all, she loves taking pictures with the toys that set up.

Also, this could also be a sign for me to remove my toy photography off this space.  Not too long ago, I asked if I should do it, but I think this will be the perfect time to change.  After all, I can’t see me do Life Through My Lens Thursday with another toy.  Well…I could…but it would just feel wrong–oh so wrong. 

Even though my toy photography will be off this space, I’ll still be posting pictures (of course) of things.  Maybe turn my LTMLT into a real LTMLT; but I’m sure that will bore you guys to pieces.

Without further adu…here is Linus’ last message (at least for now)

Linus and friends wishes all the mothers out there a very Happy Mother’s Day, and yes Linus…we’ll be reunited soon.

With that being said, if you’re interested in following my photography journey, you can find me on Tumblr.  

Besides, that space is really growing on me for my photos.

Until next week. 


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Remembering You

Posted by on May 3, 2014 in Faith & Spirituality


I love the rain.  It is calming and forceful at the same time.  Even with the noise of two kids playing, nothing can drown out the sound of the rain.

A few weeks ago, when it was raining, I was sent to the store to buy a cup of coffee.  Outside of the store, there was a man who was asking for money.

From what my eyes could see, he was down on his luck.

Now where I’m from, the first thing that usually comes out of people’s mouths when they see a beggar is that they are going to spend the money on a habit be it alcohol or substance abuse.

In many cases, this is true, but I have to believe that this is not true in all cases.

When I walked in the store, he asked me for some change.  I didn’t have any at the time, since I had to “make change.” But I told him I will come back to him.

When I left the store, he wasn’t where I left him.

It wasn’t until I looked both left and right that I spotted him.

When I called to him, he was startled, and said, “Oh! I forgot all about you.”

1 John 3:17-18

If we have all we need and see one of our people in need, we must have pity on that person, or else we cannot say we love God.  Children, you show love for others by truly helping them, and not merely by talking about it.

How is it to go through our daily lives asking for help, and knowing that most days we will be ignored?

How would we feel being the underclass of society, and truly forgotten?

You see when he said those words, all these things has come to my mind, but it wasn’t the first thing that I said.

My response:

But I didn’t forget about you.


He mattered.  He was worth remembering.  I didn’t want him to forget that.

I gave him what help that I could, and I directed him where he can go to receive more.

I have to believe that:

      • What help I give him is going to help him and not hurt him.
      • No matter what, Jesus doesn’t want us to forget about those who are less fortunate than us.
      • Even though I am not well off, that I can still help those that are not where I am today.

I believe these things because I know I am loved by God.  I know that God loves me just like he loves the beggar in the street.

This man was doubtful, and asked me, “Really, you didn’t forget me?”  To which I said, “No.  I remembered you.”


I wish that I could have done  more to help him.  I wish that I could have offered more assistance than I did, but it was the idea that someone thought about him that startled him the most.

Whether it was a test of my devotion, or just a sign from heaven, I will never forget the look on his face when I told him that I didn’t forget him.



Dear Lord,

Soften our hearts for those who are less fortunate than us.  Let us take pity on them and have faith that they crossed our paths for us to meet and do something about.  Let us not just talk about love but let us live the example that Jesus has shown us.





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