Season of Lent: Appreciation for Life

This is the fifth post of my Lent Series, here is the first post Lent is the Beginning of Change.

It is amazing that these days that bad news sells so much faster than good news. Negativity travels far and reaches so many before positive influences can take place.

We look forward to other people’s misfortune’s because deep down we want to see others do worse than us.

For example, look at the horrible conditions the people of Japan are going through. Thousands have loved ones that are missing, or dead, and there is no way to know of their fate. Hundreds of people have been washed out to sea and slowly washing up on the shores.

In the US, we have some people who say that Japan deserved this for attacking the US during WWII. There have also been comments spoken that they were the ones truly responsible for our financial crisis (not greedy people here in our own backyards) and this is their punishment.

There are some things we can do to learn from our brothers and sisters in Japan. You must look within for strength. There is something resilient about the human spirit that allows the strong minded to take charge, and fix situations. There is something deep down that wants to make a person want to live and survive, these things we should look for.

In an area that is surrounded by death and suffering, we must truly have an appreciation for the life that we do have, and make the best of this short time that we have on this earth.

We may not know when our last days are, but we do know we should try our best to appreciate the opportunity that we do have to influence, help, and support another human being.

So instead of complaining about what you don’t have, and how you will be happier with more or how you’ll be satisfied if you just lost X amount of weight, let’s truly be thankful for this day.

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