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Choosing Happiness

  This Lent, I had chosen to read books that I would have put off-again.  This year was different–my grandmother passed away March 1st- which was the first day of Lent.  Armed with that knowledge, I decided to not put off...

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The Body Is A Temple

For the longest time, I always heard that the body is a temple.  for me that always meant to try to avoid sin.  Do the right thing and not focus on anything that was harmful.  But while I completely took the spiritual parts...

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Wading Through Doubt

  In the past year, one phrase has been on my lips, “Lord, Give me strength.”  The problems has been adding up.  Fear, doubt, worry, anxieties all have been something that has plagued my mind.  When I think I’m...

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First Signs of Grey….

It happened. I looked into the mirror and saw a wiry strand sticking up. When did it get here? How long has it been here for? WHY haven’t I noticed before? We all get older right? Grey hair is just part of it. But with...

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