Welcome To My Blog’s New Home

Allow me to move some boxes and set up a chair for you. I’m still setting things up, but this site is 100% functional. Oh, before I forget–as promised, here is a cup a tea (just the way you like it) and some fresh baked lemon cookies.

Fresh baked lemon cookies & tea with honey


There is something invigorating when moving into a new place, or domain.  I’ve never owned a home before (not yet), but I’m sure there is something that overwhelms you when you walk through the door and you can finally say, “mine.”

I feel like this towards my blog.  I’ll go to the website, and look at my new e-mail address, and I can say: this is mine. It feels good.

In time I’m sure that the newness will fade away, and I will be taking advantage of my surroundings, but right now I’m going to savor it.  It took me (my husband) a lot of tweaking to get things looking just right.  There may be more working to come, but I know this is just the beginning.

But for now, let us enjoy this cup of tea and lemon cookies (let me know if you want this recipe) and relax.

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