Sunday Prayer: Showing Us The Signs


Dear Lord,

I think it’s safe to say this now, but HA! HA! The joke’s on me.

This past week, you have shown more humor than man gives you credit for.

This week, you have taught me a powerful lesson; how not to be comfortable.

But really Lord?  Did you have to do that with 100º weather?

Couldn’t you just have magically had an acorn show up on my window, or something subtle.

I appreciate all lessons that you teach, I really do.  I do wonder if there is gentler lesson in my future

(just asking).


Also Lord, thank you for the lesson regarding my daughter.

Since our apartment is so hot, our daughter has learned to delay her bedtime.

No, I can’t completely blame that on you, but it is rather convenient for it to happen [all of a sudden] with the hot weather, hmm?

So, thank you Lord for reminding me to have a little more patience.

Again, the in-your-face lessons are working wonders, but maybe I’m ready for some gentle teachings

(again, a girl just has to ask).

One last thing Lord,

I hope you find who are you looking for so that you can put the cover back on hell,and relieve us from this oppressive heat-wave.

There are others that have been going though this longer than we have, but in a week, man is going to look for ways to blot out the sun.

So, to prevent us from doing something stupid, I hope you find the person.


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