Break Every Chain Introduction

For a long time, my kids love the song break every chain. It’s a Christian song, that talks about breaking the chains of the things that holds us. What is more importantly is that it discusses the breaking of chains that enslave us.

When I think of chains, the first thing that comes to mind is slavery, bondage–the lack of freedom. Last week I said I was going to discuss what sin is, and sin is those chains. Today, people would argue that religion enslaves the minds and prevents you for making decisions for yourself. I’m constantly reminded how us “sheeple” are being led to the gallows and we don’t know it.

Well, first we have to find out what is freedom, and that’s the ability to have control over one self. You see, to be free is not to be a slave to one’s desires. It come up with the argument, I couldn’t help it–really says that I’m not in control. Something is controlling me and I don’t have free will to not do what my mind is compelling me to do.

To go even further, why is it when we do something we know is wrong, but we couldn’t help it, we feel of shame, or disgust after we did it. There is nothing empowering about doing something that doesn’t seem natural or right. Deep down, each and every one of us has it written in our hearts what is right or wrong: Are we free enough to listen?

Realizing that this is a huge topic, it may take ,ore than one post to discuss all it. So this is going to be a series about sin. I know–so exciting, but I feel that in these days, it’s a topic that we all heard about, but maybe forgot what it really means.

We cannot truly be free, unless we know what compels us to do what it is that we do. We have to know ourselves and our deepest hidden secrets.

It’s not about being a follower of something you don’t believe, but finally it’s about having mastery over oneself. The hardest word, and the one word that brings everything to a screeching halt is the word no.

The sad part is that we’re raised in a culture that doesn’t like that word. If you want something-buy it even though you don’t have the money (put it on credit). If you feel something act on it now. Don’t question if it’s logical or makes sense, just do it.

We lost the ability to say no. When we do hear the word, we have a huge temper tantrum. We go to an authority figure and make those that said no, say yes. We try to bend the will of others to what we want instead of trying to understand why they are saying no.

This sad part is being played out in schools, law rooms, and in government. Sadly, we lost the perspective of what is good for the whole.

Wow, that was a mouth full! So, next week I might as well dive into it with what is sin?

What are you looking for in this series? Do you have any questions or comments, or maybe thoughts you like like to share. Leave it in the comments below.

Until next time.

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