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I have a feeling that next week is going to be a very busy week for me. There are so many issues I want to talk about, that I know it’s going to take me some time to get it all sorted.

It’s so hard not to write about things that are consuming you. For example, if you experienced a tragic event, you can’t write about sunshine and roses. All you can think about is that event. But to answer your question–nope, I didn’t go through a tragic event, but my mind has been opened to so many social things at the moment.

My inspiration cup is full to the brim, and I need to get some posts out before I’m consumed.

So, here are just some ideas of what you can expect from me in very near future (in no particular order):

    Continuation of Awakening My Parental Consciences

    A while ago, I mentioned that I was reading a book, called Unconditional Parenting. I have so many opinions about this book, and honestly how this book was received when I first mentioned it a few weeks ago (You can read it here). It has taken some time, but I have gone through this book more than once, and made my notes (feels like college again), and I’m ready to share it with you.

    Prisoners of War from the War on Drugs

    This is a long-standing war that was launched by Nixon at the end of the Vietnam War. While it sounds like a legit war, in all honesty, there is corruption and destroyed lives that are left in its wake.

    Children: Public Enemy Number 1

    It looks like we are a society that caters to children, but looking beyond the surface, we are anything but. (I’m going to have to leave it there…for now).

    Who Suffers from Education Reform

    After the No Child Left Behind policy, there have been more children left behind, in the areas that this policy was intended to do the most damage.


It’s a shame that these things consume my thoughts, especially during the day while taking care of my daughter. But I guess it’s a good thing, since my brain is still active and I’m not always suffering from “mommy brain.”

I can’t tell you what I have been drinking (I assure you it’s nothing harder than virgin lemonade), but now and then, the mind wonders to things that are bigger than ourselves.

When I get these posts out of my head, I can go back to my fun, loving, sarcastic self.

Have you been consumed with issues that are bigger than you?