Dear Lord,

Why can’t patience be like a bank account–with no fees?

I mean seriously, we can check to see how much patience we have in the bank, and our families will know how much to withdraw.

When we are running low, all of our loved ones will receive a notification (other than our personal warning: “I’m losing my patience”).

For women, we can have an automatic deposit during the week of–or a few days before–Shark Week, so we’ll have it when we need it the most.

I think it would be a great idea Lord–of course if you want to implement it, you would. I was only trying to give a suggestion.

If you decide not to go through with it, then can you grant me the strength to get through the times when my patience is running low, and the wisdom to keep some in reserve when it’s high.

Aside from sanity, no one really understands how patience is really valuable–almost as valuable as me time.

Thank you for listening.