Dear Lord,

I don’t know where to begin with this one. I want to say thank you for common sense, but I wonder why you gave us free will first.

For example Lord, I tell my daughter not to climb because she can fall–see, common sense that I’m sharing. Her free will says climb anyway can come to after she falls–common sense not working.

Of course I understand that if you changed things up now, our parents will not be able to smile at all the “trouble” our little one gets into. I know it’s an insider joke between you and the grandparents–I’m not offended (if you were worried).

If you were to make any changes (please, not just on my behalf), then might I suggest common sense before free will?

We all know children are impulsive, but if they had common sense (or listened when the parents share theirs) then this world might be a better place (cliché I know, but it sounds nice).

However, deep down I’m probably just wondering, why couldn’t Zee just take my word for it–I haven’t lied to her yet, why start now?

Hmm…maybe my next prayer should be a sedative for me. If she’s like this now, I shudder to think about how it will be when she’s a teenager.