I’ve been quiet lately.  Too many things on my  mind. Just trying to process it all.

What really has me thinking is that sometimes, we never really bother to understand our loved ones until they are gone.

Growing up, my Dad did a lot of things that didn’t make sense (at the time), like freezing bread.  We always though that was crazy, until we started doing it ourselves.

But one of the things that really has me interested, is what he was interested in.  My Dad liked to listen to Jazz, and at the time, I never had an ear for it.  I always thought it was just old music.  Yes, I can give credit to the classic Jazz musicians, but my interest beyond that didn’t go far.

Now, since it’s been 5 years since his death, I can understand his appreciation for Jazz.  Heck, I now fully appreciate it as he did.

Another thing is Science Fiction.  I was NEVER a fan of Sci Fi, and one show in particular was Star Trek.  After watching the reboot of Star Trek (2009) the movie (also known as TOS), I started to look back on the series that my dad loved so much.  Although still a beginner in the Sci Fi world, I really do enjoy the 1966 original series.

I don’t know what it is though.  Growing up, do we naturally try to shun away from our parents interests, just because it is THEIR interest?  Did I have a mental block on other things around me?

It’s just seems that while he was living I didn’t take the time to fully understand his thinking, and his motives behind his decision.  Half the time they just didn’t make sense, until I started doing them myself and quoting my Dad’s wisdom.

His passing has taught me a lot of things.  It did teach me to have a better understanding of the people around me.  Try to find out why they do the things they do.  Appreciate our differences and before I dismiss someone’s interests, take time to understand them.

Life’s lessons always comes with a price.  Sometimes, just sometimes, I just wish that the price wasn’t so steep.