Life’s Lessons

I’ve been quiet lately.  Too many things on my  mind. Just trying to process it all.

What really has me thinking is that sometimes, we never really bother to understand our loved ones until they are gone.

Growing up, my Dad did a lot of things that didn’t make sense (at the time), like freezing bread.  We always though that was crazy, until we started doing it ourselves.

But one of the things that really has me interested, is what he was interested in.  My Dad liked to listen to Jazz, and at the time, I never had an ear for it.  I always thought it was just old music.  Yes, I can give credit to the classic Jazz musicians, but my interest beyond that didn’t go far.

Now, since it’s been 5 years since his death, I can understand his appreciation for Jazz.  Heck, I now fully appreciate it as he did.

Another thing is Science Fiction.  I was NEVER a fan of Sci Fi, and one show in particular was Star Trek.  After watching the reboot of Star Trek (2009) the movie (also known as TOS), I started to look back on the series that my dad loved so much.  Although still a beginner in the Sci Fi world, I really do enjoy the 1966 original series.

I don’t know what it is though.  Growing up, do we naturally try to shun away from our parents interests, just because it is THEIR interest?  Did I have a mental block on other things around me?

It’s just seems that while he was living I didn’t take the time to fully understand his thinking, and his motives behind his decision.  Half the time they just didn’t make sense, until I started doing them myself and quoting my Dad’s wisdom.

His passing has taught me a lot of things.  It did teach me to have a better understanding of the people around me.  Try to find out why they do the things they do.  Appreciate our differences and before I dismiss someone’s interests, take time to understand them.

Life’s lessons always comes with a price.  Sometimes, just sometimes, I just wish that the price wasn’t so steep.

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(((Hugs))) to you Kalley! It’s interesting how much we try not to like and appreciate the things are parents try to instill in us as children but eventually cling to and embrace them later in life. This post is a reminder to keep that in mind when sharing things with my children. Even though they may seem to be as interested in them, I’m planting seeds that may flourish when I’m not here in the physical. Just as I relate old Westerns to my paternal grandfather and hated that was the only thing he’d ever have his television turned to… Read more »


~hugs~ Personally, I think it’s because we are trying to create our own-self before following in one’s footsteps. Trying to be unique. Once accomplished, then we can appreciate some of what our parents were into or did. Great post!


I agree. We can’t absorb things until we are in the place where our minds and spirits can really get under it, if you know what I mean. I’m usually impatient with my growth so this fact kinda drives me crazy sometimes. For example, there are things that still bother me that I wish didn’t bother me. Vice versa, there are things that I don’t care about that I wished I did care about. I have family members that I don’t talk to often because they are so challenging to me, and I often reflect on whether or not I… Read more »


I agree I think of my mom so many times and think about some of the things she did I never understood then but boy do I now. I am the type of person that thinks things through after the fact and sometimes I feel I could have made better decisions.


wow, so sorry, I know the feeling, almost.. i’m starting to appreciate so many things about my dad, now that he is very ill.


You made a really good point about wanting to stray away from your parents and be your own person. So funny that when you are young and you don’t “get it” you shy away from it. I really did not understand the depth of my mothers love until I became grown and had children of my own

Eleanie Campbell

Wow! I guess we really do become our parents. In a good way. I’ll just sum it up to this in the words of my Granny Fannie “keep living.”


wow, honey. great, thoughtful post. i think some things come with age. you have me thinking now about my own parents and what things about them i need to start appreciating NOW. 🙂


It’s been 15 years since my grandmother passed and I’m still learning new things from her daily. Things that use to bother me so when I was younger I now do. She would get up at the crack of dawn to cook us breakfast. A full breakfast. I find myself doing the same. I realize she did that so she could sit and eat with us before the mad rush of the day started. Quality time.

Hugs and Mocha,

Optimistic Mom

Sometimes I truly wish I could go back in time and really take the time to listen and appreciate the things that my parents and grandparents had to tell me. So many aspects of childhood seem like a blur because I was trying to just be an adult. Now as an adult, I see so many things of what they were trying to warn me about.
My parents are still living, but I do not have any grandparents. I definitely try now to pay more attention and share in their appreciation of the various aspects of life.


I think it’s because we are so busy trying to create our own identities. It’s only later when we grow up that we see what they were trying to teach us. ( HUGS)

Akos Fintor

HI Kalley,
You write from your heart, I admire that. While I was reading your post I could relate to everything. Sounds like your Dad is still teaching you lessons….from another place…I appreciate you sharing your story. Energy & Light…..Thank YOU.


I totally feel where you are coming from. My mother and I were so different and now I realize that we really weren’t as different as I thought as I grow older. I miss her so much, but I have her memories and the life lesson that we all learn to accept and live with others that don’t share our same viewpoints on things. The beauty of the price although steep is that although they are no longer with us in the flesh we can always hear a song or smell a scent that reminds us of them. Those lessons… Read more »