This Memorial weekend, aside from spending time with family, I can honestly say it is a great wake up call.

I am not a military person, and those who I know who served in wars have long passed away, but I can’t help to think about what they went through.

Not just those who were in my life, but all the soldiers who have served and are currently serving this country.

I could just imagine that after serving in a war; you come home and feel completely out of place. Instead of fighting for your basic right to live, you come home to complaints about sales, or some non trivial thing–nothing comparable to being on the front line.

No wonder a lot of soldiers re-enlist.

Memorial day is a way for me to not just honor those that have fought and died, but to honestly put things in perspective.

These men and women are on the front lines day after day risking their lives for us. In many cases, the unit they belong to are a second family. They look to that person on the left and on the right to protect them. Just as those people look for the soldier to do the same.

When you just think about a person who chose to do these things and those who volunteered to fight, my bloggy fingers goes out to them.

Nothing that I can say I did was truly life and death. I never saw what they saw, or had to do what they did.

In all honestly, sometimes the mundane things in life are the very things that keeps us from living.

So this Memorial Day I want to say thank you to those who have lived and died for me. Thank you for choosing to serve while some of us wouldn’t think twice. Thank you for helping me put things in perspective through your actions and bravery.

Some may say it is just your job to fight, but to me you had to have guts to sign up, and the determination to see that you did a job well done.