Dear Lord,

Thank you for this one body.  This very same body that I have to learn to love, because I have only one.  No matter the changes that it goes through, it will still be mine at the end of the day.

Thank you for my family.  No matter the struggle, you have given me people in my life to help me through it.  You have given me people to remind me of my journey.

Thank you for my children.  Though I have one on the way, I thank you for letting my body carry a life within me.  No matter what, I know you have given me everything I need in order to create.

Thank you for life.  Every day is a treasure and a gift.  Not something that I should take for granted.  While it has no guarantee, every breath I take, I make sure I take it with purpose.

Sometimes I don’t say thank you enough, thank you for the reminder.