A Day of Remembrance

A year ago, I decided that I had to turn off the TV for the 9/11 memorials, and this year it rings true for me again.

Like many New Yorkers, the events are still fresh in our minds despite the fact that it happened 11 years ago.  To many of us, it felt like it was just yesterday, and just talking about it can bring up vivid memories of where we were, how we felt, and exactly what we are doing.

I know that these feelings are not unique to only New Yorkers, but it feels like they are, since for many of us, the attacks happened in our own backyards.

I have written about the events, and my feelings for not tuning in haven’t changed.

…Even though it has been ten years since the tragic events, I haven’t talked about what happened to me during that day or what I felt. I’m trying to open up, since that is the best way to heal. I know these things take time, so for me this is a first step.

I wasn’t in Manhattan, I was in Brooklyn. I was nowhere near the bridges, watching the horde of people march across and looking for safety, but I was still a witness to these events. That day, I can remember in clear detail of what I felt, and saw.

My city was in chaos, and my borough was not doing any better. Fire engines were blaring up and down the main streets to get to Manhattan to help. Ambulances were racing to go where people were running from…[click here to read more]

I hope everyone uses today to remember the lives that was lost, and celebrate the lives that was saved.  It is a great reminder that we should live in the now, because tomorrow is never guaranteed.

[To read the rest of my original post: Why I Did Not Tune Into the 9/11 Memorial click here]

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It was riveting for me to see on the news, so I can only imagine how New Yorkers felt. It was such a senseless cowardly act. Something we will never forget.

Hugs and Mocha,


Not an easy day especially for those of you in New York


I remember that day and can’t believe it’s been 11 years. I am praying for the families because I know the hurt still lingers.


I remember that post. It described everything I was feeling that day too. Sometimes when I think about it I remember it like a really bad dream that I can’t ever forget. I pray for peace for all of the families missing a loved one today.


Indeed the events of that day will never be forgotten. It still feels like yesterday.