Dear Lord,

There are times when I look at an item or product and I tend to want it now.  Please help me remember that if it was meant to be, we make a way for me to have it, and I’ll have it in due time.

Thank you Lord for the ability to distinguish my wants from my needs and family needs.  I know that I’ll have everything that I should have in due time.

Thank you Lord for allowing me to already experience childbirth.  As my pregnancy comes closer to an end, I know that one way or another this child is going to come out when he’s ready–in due time.

Please help me remember that even though there are a million things I would like get done and clean up before the end of the day, I know that everything that should be cleaned up will be cleaned up and it will happen in due time.

And finally Lord, please help me not be so hard on myself.  I know there is a clear distinction between expectations and capabilities.  I should not beat myself up for something that I am not currently capable of doing.  With practice, I know I’ll learn the new task–in due time.