For the longest of time, I thought that my home had horrible lighting.  Normally, we don’t get direct sunlight through our windows but we do get light.

With our regular go-to cameras, the light that I was getting wasn’t good enough.

Mr.C. has seen me fight with our cameras settings so many times just to get the picture right.  To get the color correct.  To fix the white balance.  Trying my best to get the best pictures out of a 9 and 5-year-old camera.

Yup, both our cameras we have had for years.  His Canon (point and shoot) was bought back in 2003, and my Olympus (point and shoot) was bought in 2007.

Both are, and were great cameras, but I was getting to a point where the pictures were not coming out the way that I liked, and definitely not the way that I planned.


Knowing When To Throw In The Towel


After fighting with the cameras for years (going back and forth with them), I finally gave up.  Neither one was giving me the results that I wanted or liked, and I didn’t feel the need to carry around cameras that I wanted to throw on the floor.

That was how fed up I was with them.

I knew that some point this year, we were going to get the new iPhone 5.  Don’t know when it’s going to happen, but I know it is going to happen.

In the meantime, I settled for taking pictures with my iPhone as a point and shoot camera and counted down the weeks until the phone was released.


The iPhone came out, but we didn’t get it…yet


Sunday, Mr.C. really surprised me with his decision.  Turns out that he has been researching DSLR cameras.  I confessed to him that I did research them myself and found one that I settled on.

Turns out that we had the same camera in mind, and he was willing to purchase one on Sunday.

So after years of drooling, and silently wishing, I now have my first DSLR camera (Nikon D5100) and that bad boy has been put to use since Sunday.


Knowing When To Count Blessings


I honestly feel so truly blessed with my marriage, with my husband and family.

It wasn’t so much the camera that made me feel this way, but Mr.C. has always gone out of his way to try to make things easier for me, or try to find a solution for a problem that I’m having–remember my shaver?

It always seems like when I think that he’s not paying attention, he is, and he always manages to surprise me.

So now I’m off to try to master my new camera and enjoy taking pictures once again.

Here is just some of my beginner shots (just don’t ask why they are all toys. For some reason I love the bright colors of them):



What has your husband / boyfriend done for you recently that makes you appreciate him more?