If there was one piece advice that you could give someone, what would it be?

Mothering advice?

Family raising advice?




In this day and age we are all full of opinions. We all have advice to share and stories to tell. We have experiences that we want to pass on because we hope that it will help the next person, even if our wisdom has come too late for ourselves.

But what if…that one piece advice is a game changer? That single bit of wisdom is enough to help a person look at their situation differently. Your wisdom and experiences can help shape a better experience for someone else–as they would learn from your mistakes or pain.

If I had only one piece of advice to someone it would be simple:


Never stop doing the things that make you happy


It could be an old hobby or a new one. You could be bouncing between hobbies trying to discover YOU. Regardless of what’s going on or where your interests are–don’t stop them unless you want to.

The saddest day we will ever have is when we stop doing things for ourselves and let our interests disappear.

As a mother, it’s easy to put other people’s needs above our own, but the saying about mom not being happy no one is happy rings true in every family–even if you’re not a mom.

The reality is, if we are women are not happy, no one is benefitting. No one will see us as a sacrificial lamb.  What we do for our children and spouses will be in vain, especially if we’re looking for something in return. All they will say is, “What’s bugging her?”

I have come to understand (and often forget) that its our job to get ourselves 90% happy. The other 10% could be contributed from the important people in our lives. However, if they see you happy, who wouldn’t want to add to that joy?

I don’t know if there is a magic plan to be happy or some special formula that we can follow in order to never have a bad day.

All I really know, is that everyday is going to be different, and how our day ends usually starts with how we feel when we wake up.