Let The River Flow In You

Searching through my iTunes library, I re-found this one song that I purchased when Zee was just a month old.  She has heard this so many times that it became one of her favorites as well.

Listening to it, there is beauty and simplicity that is conveyed while Yiruma plays his piano.

I want to share with you a song that I just simply love (okay, one of the many songs that I love).  Even though it’s short, it’s a must listen to piece.

The artist is Yiruma, and the name of the song is River Flows In You

Tell me what do you think about it?

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I love this piece I want to play it one day I will have dust off my old piano and see if I can find the musical piece to this. Although I hated playing the piano when I was little I actually appreciate it now.


What a beautiful song! I think I’ve heard this on Pandora’s Enya station (yes, I’m stuck in the 80s!). I used to play the piano and we’re thinking of starting Nia next year. It’s so soothing to be able to play!