My Family’s Sandy Experience

This week has been one crazy week for my family. As you are aware, we were really affected by Hurricane / Tropical Storm Sandy, and all I can say is that she left some serious damage.

But first, I would like to thank everyone for all the prayers that was sent my family’s way, I swear we could feel them surround and protect my family. Also, thanks to Nellie from Brooklyn Active Mama, she was really encouraging and calming during this event, as well as trying to keep me calm so I do not have a storm baby.

Now as for my family that was in the evacuation zone A, all I can say is, I know they will not do that again.

When the tide came up between 7 and 8pm, all that water went over the bay and into the streets. My family’s home is on the tip of the island, and is surrounded by water on 3 sides, so there was no way they were not going to be affected.

They called me when it was happening, and the water at the time was over 5 feet tall in front of their home, and slowly leaking into their home.

The only thing I could tell them to do in a calm voice is grab the food and the then the animals and get to the second floor and wait it out. Meanwhile, I was so worried and angry at the same time that they put themselves in that situation.

The only thing that I kept thinking about was the water getting higher while they had nowhere to go. I’m glad that the water did not get any higher than that.

The damage to their home is obvious. They had a SUV in the driveway, that floated, than sank as water filled inside. That car is now dead.

Inside their home, the water rose to about belly level for me, so it’s going to be a long recovery.

Here’s some pictures (if you look closely through all the pictures, you’ll see there is a brown line throughout the first floor, that is how high the water got):





There is more damage, but I think you get the picture.

Even though Sandy did a lot of damage to my family’s home, I’m thankful for the following:

  • They made it out of there safely with their lives even if their first floor makes their place unlivable.
  • They have flood insurance, so they can rebuild.
  • Their car is covered, so they are not limited.
  • My home was unaffected by the storm, and they have somewhere to go.
  • I did not have a storm baby.


One thing that I did take away from all of this was that no matter how tight we try to hold onto our possessions, at some point they will slip through our fingers like sand. Things will come and go, but lives and family means so much more.

As for my family that stayed, I believe that they learned their lesson to never do something like this again, and to leave when they are supposed to leave. After 4 sides of the family worrying about my mother, sister, brother and grandmother, I’m sure they heard it all.

One funny thing that my brother said about this was:

“There are 3 college degrees in this house, one Masters of Science, and no common sense.”

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Oh my gosh Kalley! That’s so horrible! I’m in Delaware and we didn’t get hit as hard this time. The storm went more north of us, clobbering Jersey and New York. I look at all the pictures on the internet and it breaks my heart. Places that I’ve been too, frequented in New Jersey, all gone. The emotional toll it must take on someone who has lost, pretty much everything they had. It’s so heart breaking. 🙁 I keep sending prayers north to all those affected and to you. (hugs)


Things are not important and people don’t realize that until things like Sandy come into play. I am glad you and your family are okay. things can be replaced not people


I am so thankful that your family is safe! I am staring at that water line trying to imagine being in that situation. I think we all learned a lesson that about taking these storms seriously.


thank god its over now and that all are safe.


You are very welcome, girl, all I kept thinking about was how crazy it was outside and how I would NOT want you and the family in a hospital while all this madness was occurring!!

Those pictures…wow. I think everyone under estimated sandy including myself…but if they told me to evacuate I would have been GONE. No questions asked. I think last year’s Irene experience sort of made us skeptical of Sandy. Never again!!

Mom Land

Kalley, Thank GOD you and your family are okay! You are in our prayers! Thank you so much for sharing.


OMG!!! Thank God everyone is okay and you didn’t have a storm baby. That would’ve been some DRAMA!!. It’s great that everything is pretty much covered but this will be a long recovery. I’m out in the Bronx and our energy was knocked out for 5 days… But we survived and so did you family. I’ll be praying for you guys during this recovery. Stay safe!!


So glad to hear your family made it out safely. I have bn away for awhile,tryin to stay on top of my studies and while dealing with bn sick. Im glad to hear that you didnt have a storm baby either. Hope all is well, God Bless 🙂


I’m so late, but I’m so glad you and your family are OK! Sometimes, people just don’t believe that things are really going to happen. And thank God you didn’t have a storm baby!


That’s terrible. I’m soooooo glad they’re ok physically and glad for the insurance and no storm baby! Sandy really did a number on this area.


Kalley, I’m finally catching up on your blog post-Sandy and I’m so sorry to see the damage that was done to your family’s home, but I’m glad they are safe. I’ll keep them in my prayers are they work to rebuild.


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