And Then There Was One

“If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?”
― Milton Berle

Today was the first day that Mr. C has gone back to work, and while I was expecting things to be a bit hectic, it actually has been going quite smoothly.  Of course this is me talking at 10:40am and we have yet to reach the hour of doom (aka the countdown to bedtime).

I don’t expect everyday to go smoothly, I just know that I will take what I can.

One thing that I didn’t expect was to have sensation overload very quickly.  I am at the point that by 3pm I don’t want to be touched by anyone.  Sounds crazy right?  But I know I can’t get that request fulfilled since Zee is extra clingy these days, and LittleZ…well you know he’s a baby.

When I had Zee, that feeling didn’t kick in until 5 months, and even then it was short-lived since she was busy learning to roll over, and reach for things.  So hopefully, this will pass soon.

So while things are a bit…umm…different, I’m sure that there will be bad days and good days.

There is something that I learned from having Zee though:

I am the conductor and I set the pace of the day. –Me


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I like your quote! I may have to steal that from time to time. 😉


I love that quote! it will get better mama!


simple, but powerful words of wisdom. I often feel like a conductor of a crazy symphony


I totally hear ALL of this, but it will get better, promise. When I saw my kids playing together the other day without needing me to do anything I was VERY happy–they were distracted by each other haha. Hold on the adjustment period will soon be over.