Believing in Trust

I came across a quote that said:


At first, I dismissed it, thinking it was just like every other quote that you come across. But it just kept popping back in my head.

How many times do we ponder about what the next step?  Sometimes, we even pray about the issues that we face and ask for guidance. However, at the end of the day, every decision that we make is because we trust that we are making the right decision.

The reason we agonized over some of life’s choices, is because we do not know the true outcome.

Life is funny that way. 99% of the time, we are putting ourselves out there and we hope we are perceived well.

I think that is why it’s so hard to gain a person’s trust. It’s not freely given. It’s something that has to truly be earned, and when it is earned–its glorious.

They trust you because they decided to trust you. Because you know how hard that decision can be, you are thankful that they saw you in that light.

On the other hand, when that trust is broken or abused, you feel betrayed. It’s like they saw you naked and laughed.

Trust in marriage is the same thing. When you finally say, “I do,” you are saying that you do trust them no matter where the roads take you. You know that at the end of the day it will always be you and your spouse against the world.

Trust with our own kids is a bit different. It works the other way around. It’s freely given since they can not depend on anyone else to keep them safe. They trust us with that.

Food. Shelter. Clothing. Honesty.

Honesty is the breaking point with children though. If you told them something was real, and they found out that it wasn’t, all your hard work goes down the drain.

Even though our children trust is from the very beginning, we must still work hard so that they continue to trust us.

The true lesson though, is our children knowing what trust is; all this they learn from the very first person whom they trusted. Their parents.

Once we do betray their trust in us, they do have to decide to trust us again.

So I guess the quote was right.

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Trust is so hard for me it’s one of the things I struggle with. I was brought up to trust no one and its hard getting rid of that notion when it was drilled in me since a baby. I think trust is earned and once its broken its broken. That is why I have such few friends because I just can’t trust a lot of people. Trust is something I value more than anything that and loyalty. I am praying I get better at this as I grow older.


This is such a delicate subject. Trust can be here today and gone tomorrow if we aren’t careful. I never really thought about it from a parental perspective. I guess my parents did such a good job gaining my trust. As for relationships, once you’ve broken it, it’s like punching through a brick wall to rebuild, so it’s worth guarding and protecting from any breaches! I agree it’s a decision to trust & it would be wise to make the decision to keep someone entrusted in you as well.


Agreed. Our Kids naturally trust us from the moment they are born, especially their mothers. They trust us for food, care, and of course shelter. We try not to break our childrens trust because it is so so delicate like you said. I always feel terrible if I make a promise that I can’t make happen anymore. I struggle with trust personally, but I hope my kids won’t have as hard of a time.