When we try out for something, or go on an interview, our first goal is to make sure that we are doing everything right.

In essence–we put our best foot forward. But I am wondering here–Shouldn’t we put our best foot forward everyday?

I recently had a conversations with a friend, and she asked me, “If you are on an interview and they give you a scenario, should you answer the way they want to hear or the way you really would handle it?”

My reply was–“Which answer would be you at your best?”

Sometimes we are all caught up on the “first impressions,” but little do we know that our actions daily can make or break that first impression.

Every day we should be putting our best foot forward. Every day we should be at our best. When we interact with someone and they have [what we feel] is the wrong impressions about us, then we have to ask ourselves:

What am I projecting?

How am I coming off to other people?


Because at the end of the day, our actions, and words are shaping other people’s opinion. Let’s hope we are shaping the right one.

I get that everyday is not possible, but we can at least try.

Best foot forward .jpg