Dear Lord,

We thank you for everything that you have done and everything that you have made. Nothing you have made has even been made in vain, or in anger.

For the past few weeks Lord, we have been under enormous heat. This weather is excellent for drying clothes and doing some outside activities, but we also know that this weather is not good for the sensitive.

Lord, please watch over the firemen and women who must battle fires in this heat. Please look after young children and the elderly for they can perish in this heat.

Please watch over our brothers and sisters who must work outdoors on construction sites, or in places that do not have air conditioning.

Thank you Lord for those of us who have been able to afford air conditioning and enabling the electric company grids to handle to extra power.

In our daily activities, let us be reminded that there are less fortunate people than us, and offering a bottle of water to help them out can make their day.