Forgotten Beauty




I’ve passed this building at least a hundred times.  Always looking up, and wondering, “What’s inside?”

There are a lot of buildings like that here in Coney Island.  There is a vibrant history that is dormant, and hidden behind buildings with old names and stories that have long been forgotten.

Every once in a while, when we have a moment, we’ll stop and look.

I feel like that now that I am older, I can come to appreciate the history that exists in this area.

Take for example the Theatre.  Many moons ago, it was once called Lowes, and even before that it was a real operating Theatre.  The art work inside is just amazing, and also vaguely sad.

See video below to look inside.

I say sad because even though the building itself is a landmark, the inside is not.  So if a developer (and trust me there are plenty) is interested, they can destroy the inside to do what they want with it.

I know that every area and neighborhood has a history, and it does change.  But, it’s sad to see that there is living history present but the story cannot be told, or it is forgotten.

I hope that soon, America’s Playground can not only seen for what it currently is, but when we walk down these streets, are walking among buildings who have been around since the easy 1900s, and they have an amazing story to tell.

Is there a vibrant history where you live?


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I used to see this all the time in DC when I was younger. there were tons of old buildings completely empty. You would walk by them and smell the decay. I always imagined what they and the neughborhood they used to be in was like. Now, because of regintrification, all of these buildings have been gutted and renovated, neighborhoods revitalized. But everyone who used to live there, can’t afford it anymore. 🙁


Interesting. I am always drawn to older buildings. I love that there’s history, a story. That’s one thing I love about the east coast. There’s history everywhere. There’s some of that here in Southern California as well but it’s not present like on the east.


I love nice buildings and the history behind them I wish there was more historic stuff here in GA


hey kalley! thanks for stopping by at my blog & hope to see you again..

i love historical buildings too..i think i will be able to appreciate it more when the kids are bigger & the Mr and I have time to go around & appreciate..