Wonderful Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I’ve had this song in my iTunes for the longest, and I am so surprised that I haven’t shared it with you yet!

This song is called The Logical Song, written and composed by Roger Hodgson. For some reason, I find it fitting to share it when everyone is getting prepared for the back to school rush.

There is something classic about this song, about our transition from childhood to adult hood. How everything was magical and wonderful when we were young, but as we grew up, we seemed to to have lost that magic eye and has been replaced by reality.

Every now and then, I hope we don’t forget to look at things through a child’s eye, and really do remember that our children are children–once, and before they are bogged down the realities of this world, they should be able to enjoy their youth.

If we are wise, we will enjoy them enjoying their youth as well.

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do.