A blank statement at best, but for me these simple words are the key to who we are.

Throughout our lives, we go through series of stages, we walk away from some events with no marks, and sometimes we walk away with a battle scar. But none the less, we go through them, and somehow we live to tell the tale.

However, what ever we do in life, we [hopefully] understand that throughout our life we are either disciplining ourselves or others.

For example, I watch my son practice walking. I watch him and see his determination. He falls down–a lot, but then he gets right back up and tries again, and again, until he’s made some progress. He doesn’t stop, even when he fails, he gets right back up and keeps trying. There is something innate in him that tells him, no matter how many times he falls, he must get back up and try again.

This is who we are as humans. We learn through failure. But, it is through this failure that we must learn how to discipline ourselves in order to succeed.

When my son grows older, like his sister, he’ll learn what is acceptable behavior and what is not. But as a parent, I must know when to stop. I must learn to discipline myself while I’m disciplining. If I over do it, then he and my daughter will feel constrained. If I don’t discipline them enough, then their life will be lacking boundaries. It is this narrow path that we, as people must walk on.

Trying to eat healthy, starting a new workout routine, writing a book, learning a new skill–all of it takes discipline. It doesn’t guarantee success, but it sets you up to keep trying to know that eventually you’ll get it, or you’ll just keep trying until you do.

It’s funny what you can think of when you just sit.

Where do you need to discipline yourself in life?