Being Thankful on Thanksgiving



Dear Lord,

Thank you so much for all that done for us this year.  If our loved ones had to travel, thank you for bring them home to us safely.  If we have to travel to them, we thank you for a safe journey.

We thank you Lord for the food that we are able to eat, and know that all of it is through you.  We understand that we are blessed to have, while many families are without.

Thanksgiving is not just about food and sales, but it is time to truly reflect on You and give You thanks for all that you have provided.

We thank you Lord for our family, and the company that they provide.

For those who have sick loved ones: I ask Lord that you pray over them, and watch them as their family celebrates with You.

For those who are mourning over the loss of loved ones: please Lord grant them peace and knowledge that they are never really alone.  Family holidays will be hard, but knowing that our loved ones made positive memories helps us get through it.

For our troops overseas who are celebrating Thanksgiving without their families: thank you Lord for their sacrifice.  Because what we have would not be possible without them.  Also, watch over their families as they celebrate miles and even countries away.

Our heart goes out to you Lord, and we sing our praises in your name–always.

From my family to yours: Happy Thanksgiving!



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Thank you for praying for those who have lost a loved one. My dear friend lost her mother about a month ago and I’m worried about her over the holidays. Especially since she has cancer and is undergoing radiation treatment and she already has a rough road.

Alison Hector

What a beautiful prayer, Kalley! I’m in agreement with each of the groups you identified for special prayer.

Praying also for Carla’s friend. The holidays can be brutal when one has just lost a loved one.

Teresha F

Happy Thanksgiving! I wish everyone would read your prayer before bingeing themselves into a food and shopping coma.


Beautiful prayer Kalley! Our troops are truly amazing, we always have to keep them and their strong families in prayer at all times.


Lovely prayer! Thank you. Hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


What a great prayer…prayed along with you…Hope you had a very blessed Thanksgiving 🙂