Friday’s Vlog on…: 6 Tips To Help You Start Your Vlog

It’s Friday and it’s time for another video blog!  I love these, I really do look forward to them every week!

This Friday I decided to share some tips that I use to help me make my vlogs.  I may be new at video blogging, but I hope this will help if you haven’t made a video yet, and you wanted to know where start, or what someone else is doing.

In this video I talk about:

  1. Where I choose to make videos in my home, and some tips to hide the unsightly things 😉
  2. Lighting, and how I make it work for me.
  3. Why I choose to stand in my videos vs sitting.
  4. Choose your editor that you are comfortable with using (and what is readily available)  While I’m not an expert editor, I’m working on it one video at a time 🙂
  5. Be Yourself!
  6. Have fun with it!

6 Tips for Vlog

What are some tips or suggestions you can share to help someone start their video blog journey?


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I love your Vlogs and think you are such a good speaker. Thanks for the tips!


I have yet to do a vlog. I would definitely love to though. I have a silly question, but what equipment do you use to record yourself? I definitely have a goal for myself to do at least ONE vlog this year.. hopefully i stick with it. i think you do a great job with your vlogging, thanks for these tips.


These are really great tips, Kalley. I can use all the help I can get, seriously. I am not good with picking the best lighting or any of that. Your video looks great so I think we should all listen to your tips 🙂 I have no advice because I’m an amateur as well. I have stood in all of my videos though. It’s hard to pick a quiet location because usually hubby is videoing me and my son is in the background and it’s hard to time it when he’s sleeping lol.