My thoughts have been slow this week, hence the picture of the turtle. But I’m grateful that it has been slow, it has allowed me plenty of time to reflect, especially with home school.


While homeschooling my daughter, we’ve been focusing on the ten commandments. This is a topic that I feel is very important, so we have been taking our time with this, and really dive into what it means (of course on a 4-year-old level).

But the first commandment is so simple and straightforward, that I wonder how often we take it for granted?


Of course when we read this, we’re always like, I know. I only worship one God, but now I have to wonder….do we?

Do we keep God in the front and center of our lives? Is he really in our thoughts and prayers throughout the day?

How about something we’re coveting? Or something that we say we cannot live without. Can we still say that we are worshipping only one God?

We may not be making golden images to look like cows or anything of heaven or earth (like in the old testament), but the graven images have changed over the centuries!

We have things that keeps us occupied, and busy through out the day.

How many of us put them down and say, “I think I’m going to pray first?”

Some of us look at our phones first thing in the mornings right when we wake up! What ever happened to saying thank you to God for another day? This is something that I’m guilty of too!

Can I live without any of the things I like? Yes. I think we all can.

Do we have the willpower to turn away from them if we had to realign our selves with our faith?

So now I ask myself, What have I been putting before You Lord?


Dear Lord,

Help us realign ourselves with You front and center in our lives. Let us see that what we have here on this earth will come and go, but our relationship in you lasts forever. Let us learn by Jesus’ example on how to strengthen the relationship we already have with and to make it unbreakable.