Earlier this week, we celebrated the beginning of Lent, and of course that means it is a great time to do a lot of reflective thinking, and refocus on the things that are important.


Now, when I say the things that are important, I mean not only important to me, but to my family as well and my role in my family.

No doubt, you know that I home school, I am a stay at home mom, and that job consists of everything under the sun.

There are tons of things that I would love to do just for myself. To focus more on what it is that I want, and the things that just bring me joy.

However, I know that at this stage in my life, there are things that require sacrifices on my part. And when I see one of my interests that takes up too much time away from my family, I have to reevaluate.

I have to ask myself, is it something that I am doing that helps me be better at what I do, or is it only for my personal gain while leaving my family in the dust.

My favorite post to do during the week, my vlog on Fridays has me questioning this.

Wednesday I sat down in the car to record a video, while my mother watched my kids. I stopped mid video and asked myself, is this really what I want.

No. It’s not. No other words screamed out louder to me than this.  I stopped, and got out of the car to be with those who I love the most.

I like being present, and if doing something that I like to do (like be on my phone or vlogging) is disrupting that, then I need to reevaluate.  (Because vlogging is not just about recording the video, it’s about taking time to edit it after your done as well.)

A long time ago, I promised myself that I won’t start any heavy-duty projects because I know how I get, I am easily frustrated when I am not allowed to finish it.

Vlogging has turned into a heavy-duty project for me.

So while I’m not letting it go completely, I will be doing it in spurts, and posting on a non committed schedule.

The times when I can to post the way I feel comfortable and not hiding away just to do it, I will appreciate even more the down time that I had and decided to share it with you—all of you—without feeling like I’m neglecting a part of me.


Lent is funny-and beautiful at the same time. It helps us reevaluate the important things, and reminds us to let go of things that only has our personal gain. It is a constant reminder of who do we live for.

Even though I am a stay at home mother, and there is a lot of other things I could be doing with my time, I like how I spend it with my family. These moments, I know I will never get back, so I’m going to make the best of them.

I hope you all have a great weekend, and be mindful of the ones you love.

This post was inspired by Laila over at Only Laila with her post: Becoming A Hands Free Mama.